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NEED HELP picking a quality distortion pedal


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  • NEED HELP picking a quality distortion pedal

    Hey all. Looking for some suggestions on distortion pedals. I'm looking to downsize my rig. Sick of lugging it around! I'm currently playing out of a Marshall jcm2000 through a custom Avatar 2x12 cab w a V30 and an Eminence Swamp thang. I want to downsize to my modded Fender Hot Rod Deluxe but the drive channel on that is TERRIBLE. Is there a pedal that offers a comparable Marshall gain sound? I play straight up Rock and am also in a Pearl Jam tribute band. So I'm not looking for a clippy Nirvana grunge pedal nor a metal type distortion. I want something that will give my Deluxe some balls but won't be piercing and trebly at loud volumes. As close to Marshall as possible. I have a modded TS9 for that OD sound but I need something w more gain. A distortion pedal not another OD pedal. Thank you.

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    Hit up an Xotic SL Drive. Love mine for this.
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      Thanks Tom. I'm liking the videos of this. How does it handle high volume (in a full band situation). Is it harsh/trebly? Thanks


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        There was a lovetone pedal that was a clone of something I can't remember, but the lovetone was called the Purple Plexi 800. Fully cranked it sounds like a 800/2000 and more plexi territory before that. Look for a clone or variant would be my suggestion, it was amazing how Marshall-esque it sounded! 

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          Fulltone OCD
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            he meant lovepedal purple plexi,  i have a menatone vos its also part fargen which does good marshall booteek amps.  i like the gt500 by fulltone great eq on the dist plus throw in the fat boost on the od side. 


            sean at lovepedal is my boy and ill be pickin up some new lovepedal soon ,  his tweed twin is on my radar.



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          Zvex Distortron


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            OCD V1 is a great distortion....