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NGD (P.S howdy folks, been away for a while!)


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  • NGD (P.S howdy folks, been away for a while!)

    wow, It's certainly been a while since I've stopped by here...

    I'm sorry, I've possibly been posting elsewhere...



    ANYWAY!! thought I'd stop by and post a NGD, got this Aria Pro II PE for 100 bucks! plays absolutelty amazingly well for an MIK, mid 90's guitar! LOVING the neck, bridge pickup is kinda weak though- might have to give BG pickups a call here! 

    Aria Pro II


    So yeah, what's new around here?? 

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    cool guitars! that other one's a reverend?


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      Yeah it's an anniversary Flatroc, number 2 of 12
      So these here are my pair of sparkly hot Koreans


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        Seems like a lot of guitar for $100. HNGD!
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          Great to see you Keith! Lovely score on the Aria... looks great! I'm digging the Reverend too. Very nice!

          Was the Aria a hundred bucks American, Irish, or Euro?



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          • BrentMpls
            BrentMpls commented
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            it's full of stars!

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          Hi Phil! Cheers


          • Trick Fall
            Trick Fall commented
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            I like the sparkles.

          • Phil O'Keefe
            Phil O'Keefe commented
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            Great score - nothing wrong with a little sweat equity.


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          Very sparkly very twinkly