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    I am Manu from Pune, India. I am new here.

    So i thought i will start off with my experience with the Digitech Death Metal.

    Its an ok ok pedal to start with especially at its price (63.5$). Its basic problem lies in the fact that its a high gain pedal. While using it live what i noticed is it tends to overpower other instruments and totally dominate. The treble knob is something you should be vary of. If not used correctly the output will be very fuzzy. The tone overall sounds good and crunchy. With a bit of tweaking on the eq you can end up with a pretty crazy tone which (as you change your pickups) will serve both as a rhythm tone and lead solo tone. 

    Using a noise gate and a compressor with the pedal is heavily recommended. And i would say its a decent buy for any newbie out there. You learn a lot


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    Originally Posted by Kaddish Poznan

    Yo, dawg, I herd you liek pedalboard
    so I put a pedalboard on your pedalboard so you can pedalboard while you pedalboard


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    Got any recordings of your pedal Manu?
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