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Reverend's putting out some good looking guitars


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  • Reverend's putting out some good looking guitars

    rick vito for one




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    do you have any examples of the good looking guitars?


    • goodhonk
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    Have you also played one before?  Because they are AMAZING guitars.  They sound great, play great, and look great.  I was dead set on buying a telecaster until I played one of their Tele style guitars next to a Fender American Deluxe Tele...no comparison, and almost half the price!

    Next guitar I get is probably going to be a Reverend if I don't build another one from parts first.


    EDIT:  I forgot to mention the bass contour control....EVERY guitar should have a low cut tone as well like this.  I end up either adding a bass cut knob myself or hardwiring one into almost all of my neck pickups.


    • goodhonk
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      i've only played the set neck ones, the sg looking one and the les paul one.  didn't like the necks on them, fat and sticky.

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    That Rick Vito sig model looks hot.


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      Art Deco Les Paul



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    Benjamin Allison


    • dkonesky
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      hot darn. looks purdy. like the look of the pup placement but idk how i feel about the p90 being so far away from the neck. totally dig the vibes overall though