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  • And now, for some actual useful information...

    If you buy and sell pedals on eBay and elsewhere, and you use the Post Office (USPS), the following info may be of interest.
    If you have a supply of "Priority Mail" boxes obtained from USPS, check them out. If they don't specifically state "FLAT RATE" on them, toss 'em. Either you or the buyer will get dinged for the upcharge. Trust me, hilarity will not ensue.
    Now, to save some dough. Non-padded Flat Rate envelopes are cheaper to ship than the padded ones. And the envelopes are cheaper than the boxes.
    (If you ship International, you must use the Medium Flat Rate Box. If there's a cheaper method, please let us know.)
    Now, go back to the USPS site and order Flat Rate Envelopes, both padded and un-padded. They're free. Use the padded envelopes for, uh, padding. Place your item you're mailing inside the padded envelope, then place that one inside the non-padded one. Ship on the USPS website for the best price. Attach the shipping label, remembering not to tape over the bar code, and you're set.
    If anybody has more suggestions on how to save money shipping, chime in. But please don't clutter the thread with personal horror stories about which shipping service is the worst. We've heard them all before. Borrr-ing.

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    I wouldn't suggest trying to use it for pedals, but if you're sending tapes, sheet music, or books, media mail can save you some money... but don't use it if you're in a big hurry to get it delivered; they give it a slightly lower priority. It's also subject to being opened for postal inspection, so don't lie about the contents...





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