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  • Bummer

    I hate when you buy stuff and it's broken.

    I bought an Acoustic B450 MKII last week. Musicians Friends had them on blowout for like $430 so I got my local GC to price match. I hadn't been in GC in over a year, but I figured I'd use the price match thing to my advantage.

    Turned it on tonight for band practice (first time using it) and immediately it was jacked. Awful popping/rumble noise. Even with nothing plugged it and it got worse with the volume turned up. Probably a loose solder joint, but it's a new amp and I'm not **** with it.

    Took it back and they had to order me a new one since that was the last one it stock.

    Pitty party. Boohoo. Just annoying. To GC's credit, they didn't make a fuss about it, just put in the order for a new one, no BS. But yeah, getting broken stuff from GC....who would have thought right?

  • #2

    Yes, that stinks.   

    More importantly, who are you playing with now?  Upcoming shows?

    good transactions: themeanreds, OnWingsOfLead, bass_econo, PumpkinPieces, meganutt7, Used666, mrweems, scoogs, TravvyBear, joeya, wiz-ski, conky


    • MyNameIsRyan
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      I bet they knew it was jacked when they sold it to you. That's what the GC around here would do.

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    guitar centers always make me feel used and dirty.  last time i was there it was like being an infant at a lostprofits concert.

    " "


    • MHuxtableV2
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      Aedes.....a couple of guys from my old band that you saw. It's a power pop/rock trio. We'll start booking shows in the new year.

      And Turd has the best sig.

      And I kind of want a Bass VI