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    i've finally managed to track one of these down for a damn-i-might-aswell-buy-it-now-or-i'll-never-get-one price



    sample and hold is bitchcoat, just like this:


    and the envelope filter sounds like Ed O'Brien rocking out on his Lovetone Meatball during 'Talk Show Host'. fan-fooking-tastic!


    there's a significant drop in volume when either mode is engaged, which could be an issue. i wouldn't be suprised if there was a volume trim pot in there, and we'll see how it behaves pre/post dirt and other buffered pedals etc over the coming days.

    but i'm extremely happy with the sounds, and the fact i'll probably be using it in a dry/wet bypass loop (or parallel signal path) anyway, means the volume drop might not be so bad.


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    Wouldn't mind having one of those on my board myself. Dispite the Bush reference that is, they're the Nickleback of the '90s 


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      Nice! I've had two of these and neither of them had any volume drop. But I use single coils so maybe if you're using higher output pickups it may result in getting a volume drop.

      That Maestro-esque paintjob looks super cool! Maybe I should snag one of those too.. The envelope filter itself sounded a bit dry to me, not as watery as the 440, Meatball or the Moog but the S&H sounds were really good. Loved it after a fuzz or distortion. Pre dirt you shouldn't have much of a volume drop but post dirt you probably get a volume boost depending how's the filter set. The S&H mode doesn't get as big volume drop/boost because the filter is constantly changing.

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      • Phil O'Keefe
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        eerock wrote:

        That Maestro-esque paintjob looks super cool!


        I agree - great looking graphics on that one. HNPD! :smileythumbsupsmall:

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      I picked up the prometheus dlx over the summer. Crazy pedal love it.
      Originally Posted by Naterel "All bands suck period"


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        There should not be a volume drop.  You should send it in to us if it does. 

        There's no trimmer for volume.  The only internal control is to switch from low-pass to band-pass.



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