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    Looking for a Bigsby bridge plate for a telecaster.
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      I've got a NIB MXR Classic Distortion that I'd like to trade towards a delay. I'll get pics later, but it's literally still sitting in the box.
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        Looking to trade 3 cheap pedals for 1 cheap pedal!

        I have:

        Behringer DD100 (beat up, but still works)

        Dano Fab Chorus

        Dano Fab Flange

        and i am looking for a cheap (preferably behringer) reverb. If you have any reverb, let me know!

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          aren't we coming up on the first quarter of the next fiscal year?

          GFS single mag ceramic strat set

          Squier single mag ceramic tele neck pickup

          Fender USA Noiseless strat bridge pickup (with slightly worn cream cover)

          Two MIM strat pickups, neck and middle

          LPB-1 clone

          stocker 12" 8ohm Eminence special design from Blues Jr.

          looking for:

          Ok, I want a Joyo Ultimate Drive. Happy?

          tele pickup sets / tele bridge (dual or top load)

          cheap delay, reverb, or gate

          decent mic stand
          Yes Spa'am:
          CHEAP Bass gear FS


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            I have:

            A few LM741 ICs, maybe swap for other ICs? If you need one for something, I'm sure I can help you out.

            Also, I have an Ibanez SM7 Distortion pedal. One of the jacks has come loose but it still works fine. Lemme know what you have!
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              I have a Zoom PD-01 overdrive.

              I need a Jensen 8 inch ceramic speaker. Preferably a C8.

              I am looking for other trades as well, lemme know what you have.

              Also have other things to trade. Maybe some 12ax7's, some EL 34's.

              I could trade my Jensen p8.

              I have an inexpensive bass body and neck if anyone can use it.
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                Anyone got an MXR Blue Box?


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                  Quote Originally Posted by WBigsby
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                  aren't we coming up on the first quarter of the next fiscal year?

                  Okay - I think I'll pull that out of the thread title... but making a completely new thread? I'm not sure that's a good idea for a couple of reasons. First of all, this one really isn't that huge or unmanageable yet, and secondly, it gives everyone a little more exposure. I'm sure some of these haven't been spoken for / matched up yet.... and if they had, please delete your post or edit it to make it easier for everyone else - and to keep yourself from hearing from people about an item you no longer have / want.

                  Maybe I'll make a new thread at the close of the year. We'll see.

                  Sound reasonable?

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                    1 Yamaha SG200 pickup, sounds good, but no lead attached

                    2 No name zebra pickups, frankly don't remember how they sound.

                    Boss TU-15 tuner

                    Fender Mini Twin amp

                    Looking for a simple reverb pedal, would love to trade for a Biyang. Really though any reverb pedal. Willing to combine items to make trade even.
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                      I have:

                      Pepper Mill from Runoffgroove. It's a light, transparent, touch sensitive overdrive that I built from the Runoffgroove layout. MosFet pushing a JFet into distortion... True Bypass, built in a small Radio Shack aluminum box.

                      Brand new Behringer DC-9 (Dyna Comp knockoff) and UT100 (Tremolo). I got these on a trade, the DC-9 has only been out of the package long enough for me to plug it in for 5 min, the UT100 doesn't have a box but is new as well.

                      I want:

                      A good quality pedal tuner.

                      A good quality compressor.



                      What ever you have to offer.


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                        I really need 2 guitar strap holders and screws, or the little felt washer pieces, 2 black skirted guitar knobs, like on the fender deluxe 72 tele, 2 500k pots, and a standard input jack for a guitar. Maybe even saddles that say fender on them for my jagmaster.

                        I can trade a Dano Fish n Chips.
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                          I've got an 80's Made in Japan Arion SMM-1 Metal Master. Kind of Arion's answer to the Boss HM-2. Works perfectly and is in great shape, missing two of the four knobs but everything works, just turn the shafts or put on some other knobs.

                          Trade for another pedal.
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                            Quote Originally Posted by Aaron SS
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                            I'll post a full list a little later but here's a quick rundown of what I've got :

                            -4 or 5 pedal enclosures with drilled holes that are slightly off

                            -Kepur Guitar Strap with climbing hooks

                            -BYOC Tubescreamer PCB

                            -Mogami/Planetwaves/Dimarzio/Hosa cables of different lengths

                            What I'm looking for :

                            -Wah Pedals (working or non working)

                            -Moddable Boss Pedals (SD-1/DS-1/BD-2/etc)

                            still got the byoc ts? I have a stock boss ds-1 ill trade i'll trade for other stuff as well


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                              I have a dan pepperoni phaser I'd like to trade for some parts if any one has anything kicking around.

                              any pots/jacks/pedal boxes would be awesome.
                              Good deals

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                                I've got a BYOC Trem that I got locally and apparently the guy who built it ****************ed up a little. It works but the knobs are finicky sometimes. Also have DOD Classic Tube, FX-40 eq, FX-17 volume/wah, MXR Classic Distortion, and a Dano TOD-1

                                I need humbuckers and strat pickups, a tele bridge and pickups, and a strat neck. Two nuts, a white SG pickguard (full-size), and maybe some straplocks or locking tuners.
                                Buy these:

                                MXR Classic Distortion
                                DOD FX-53 Classic Tube
                                DOD FX-40 Equalizer
                                Danelectro TOD-1 (on hold)
                                Dano Wasabi Forward-reverse Delay
                                Boss DS-1

                                Trade me for: Boss RV-5, DE7, your money.