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    Pretty sure I will be picking one of these up... Got all the specs I've ever needed, simplicity and reverb. 


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    The clips sound pretty good. I like 10" speakers...



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    • Trick Fall
      Trick Fall commented
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      Saw those at my local guitar hop and thought hey looked cool. I didnt realize they were fenders.

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    I like the clean tone on it much better than the dirt.


    • cryptosonic
      cryptosonic commented
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      This thing sounds a lot like a modded bjr with a simplified tone stack, in a really pretty 2x10 box, for 400 bucks. Sweet.

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    Sounds really good. I bet this thing would rip in a club.
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      looks ugly to me. why are the speakers partially covered on the front?
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      • Beyer160
        Beyer160 commented
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        Obviously aimed at the Colorado market.


         I thought the clean tone in the demo was decent but nothing special, and the dirt tone was kinda lousy. It'd be interesting to hear in person, though.

      • PurpleTrails
        PurpleTrails commented
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        gambit wrote:
        looks ugly to me. why are the speakers partially covered on the front?

        Probably to help with dispersion of the speaker to avoid a peak spot in front of the dustcap, or maybe just because they are aiming for a retro look on these and the other pawnshop line of amps.

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      Ahhh Denver , reasonable, mellow Denver.


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        That clean tone is very nice, the dirt sounds like it would benefit from a nice boost pedal.