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Never owned a cellphone? Anyone?


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  • Never owned a cellphone? Anyone?

    Do you know anyone who's never owned a cellphone?

    No cellphone or pager in their life...anyone?

    Well you do now. Ive never owned a cellphone before.

    It never bothered my that much until everyone started texting.

    Now no one answers the damn phone anymore.

    Dont get me wrong I love technology.

    I'll probably get the smart-brain inplant when it's first available to the public.

    Then I can be the first to pioneer annoying habits with it.





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    My old boss didn't have a cell phone up till about maybe 6 months ago.

    He's probably in his late 50s. Didn't really know how to use a computer either - though he goes to the library now to use one; he doesn't own one.

    It's an interesting experience not having one. I wish I could remember what it's like not to own a cell phone.

    I can remember life before having a smart (i)phone. Going from an archaic cell phone to an iPhone. That was weird and I think it affected me in negative ways. I'm glad I deleted my Facebook, as that was a nightmare- I had the iPhone app. It's a life-force sucker.


    • brokenfixed
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      yeah the "old guy cant work a computer" stereotype is lost on me. I'm 31 year old Computer Aided Draftsman.

      I get by. Ive broken down a few times and just figured it out...haha

      Never was a big facebook guy either. Never had a personal account, but I started running my bands facebook page last year. It was a big dose of technological advacements to handle. I never had a myspace either

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    Yeah the ear piece phones make for awkward moments. I hate those


    • Player99
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      The NSA is recording all your phone calls, texts, web surfing, and even recording all your gps movements through your cell phone.

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    Never owned one - probably never will...

    (similar reasons like bieke...)

    Almost never wear a watch as well... :smiley-bounce015:

    No GPS - neither on bike nor in car...



    I do like receiving picture postcards, though;

    and sending some, now and then...