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Tone Emporium Pickups RULE!!! Gotta try them!


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  • Tone Emporium Pickups RULE!!! Gotta try them!

    I've installed the Tone Emporium Testify Blues pick-ups in my strat...WOW!  I've gone through a lot of pick-ups in my 30 years of playing and I can honestly say that these are my favorite by far.  The quality is impeccable, from the sheath on the wires, to how they are packaged, the attention to detail...second to none.  The string to string definition is amazing!  They're quiet and most importantly, they deliver the tone that is promised in the product descriptions and demos. 

    I've installed the Big Time 54's and Testifys in my strat and loved them both, the Testify model is exactly what I was looking for so I kept those in.  I've also dropped a set of the '52 Tele's in to my Telecaster and it spanks and quacks just like it should!

    I'll be ordering the Majesty High Gain Humbuckers for one of my Ibanez guitars and will post how that turned out, I have confidence that I won't be let down. 

    For Boutique pick-ups at a crazy good price, one cannot go wrong. If you want to make your Mexican or American strat come to life, try a set...they have many different models to choose from.  Over time I'll be swapping all the pick-ups in my guitars to the Tone Emporium ones, there really isn't a need to go anywhere else.  It looks like the models are growing also, so I can't wait to see what they'll make next!

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    Thanks Spammer!!
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      Any relation to the pop singer?

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      And why do you consider this post spam?

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    i like how hcfx has had a huge increase in both random spam bots AND shameless companes


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      PKTrono wrote:
      i like how hcfx has had a huge increase in both random spam bots AND shameless companes

      Not to mention the huge drop in users. It's a pretty spectacular forum experience IMO.

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    To me it just doesn't get any better than when he sings 'When A Man Loves A Woman'.

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    I can't wait to see what they'll make next.

    Founding father of the Fulldrive IIth Fairies


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      a better promo would be to ask fuzzbox girl to paint a review on her bossoms.

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      El Gallo Negro wrote:

      I can't wait to see what they'll make next.

      You probably want to see what they MAKE first before seeing what they make next.

      I asked the question directly to Tone Emporium and they replied that "None are built in Ottawa due to the high cost of producing them, they are built in a pro shop offshore". 

      Not to suggest that the pickups they import and resell don't produce great tone.  However, in my opinion, it would be incorrect to imply that Tone Emporium is a Canadain "boutique pickup maker".