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NPD This Pearl Flanger doesn't sound very flangery


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  • NPD This Pearl Flanger doesn't sound very flangery

    pearl flanger.jpg

    I'm getting chorus and vibrato sounds out of this thing, but nothing that sounds like other flangers I've had with the same control layout (old Ibanez FL-9, etc).

    Is it just supposed to sound weird like this? 

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    those old pearl pedals look cool, I'd love to try them. I have nothing to add to this thread, there is a guy here who just posted a massive collection of pearl pedals, he can probably help you. 


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      Bax might be able to help you out on what it should sound like. I hate flanger sounds and think what you are describing sounds like a better pedal. Is one of the controls for resonance? Ime, resonance had to be cranked for typical flange sounds.