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  • BeatBuddy

    Who's doing the kickstarter?  Tentative $200 price for kickstarters.

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    I'll kickstart the ****************er right in the nuts.

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    • Faldoe
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      its actually not bad since you can load whatever you want into it. You could put some cool beat/rhythms in there but it seems like something very few people would use.

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    lol, $200. Garbage.

    Lets hope this goes the way of the Console II and vanishes.
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    • Urinate Forever
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      $300 for everyone else.

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    Great meeting David P. at today's Orlando Guitar Show (http://www.guitarexpo.net).  I also met his brother (they look alike and I was confused - LOL).  He was showing off the prototype of the BeatBuddy - the world's first drum machine guitar pedal - I've held it in my hands and it is COOL!!!!!!  His crowd-funding campaign has been a tremendous success (over $200K raised so far) and there is still time to order your pedal (shipping later this spring) at the same discounted price as many retailers will be paying for it (i.e., save like $150 off the retail price and be one of the first to own/use one).  I can't say enough good things about how long-overdue I think this concept (and NO, I'm not being paid to say it - LOL).  Congrats to David on his invention and his success getting this thing up and running!!!  Be sure to check out his website for complete details:  http://www.mybeatbuddy.com



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    • iodine74
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      Dammit, was just thinking "i wonder when the orlando guitar show is" last night...   Would have driven down if I'd known.