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Do you prefer buying new or used pedals? Warranty/Service opinion related


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  • Do you prefer buying new or used pedals? Warranty/Service opinion related

    I'd like to know if you prefer:

    1) Buying used for a good bargain

    2) Buying new and having the benefit of warranty and service

    3) Couldn't care less either way

    Thoughts about supporting builders etc when buying new are welcome, but I really just want to guage y'all's opinions on the subject. I know that there's some pretty great builders out there who will service a pedal and give excellent customer service even if it's bought second hand, and while that's so damn respectable, it's sort of beside the point.

    This thread is inspired by an upcoming purchase I'm going to make. It's pretty expensive, but not outside of my means. I have two pretty expensive pedals currently. I bought one new with warranty and one used. I have to admit that I worry that it will fail. The one I bought new I don't worry about so much. I would like to leave price out of the equation, as everyone has a different opinion of what "expensive" is to them.

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    I generally buy used. However, I would never buy another line 6 product without a warranty.


    • EdgeOfNoise
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      I usually buy/trade used but when something new comes out or i want something specific that i can't find used, i buy new.

      I don't give a shoot about warranties.

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    I usually buy new when I can afford it. Some products aren't repairable, but they can at least be replaced during the warranty period. After that, they become "throw aways". Most products can be repaired to some degree, but I mainly buy new because I just don't want to buy someone elses problems.

    I'll consider buying used if it's really expensive, or if it's no longer available as a new product, or if a good opportunity presents itself. The sort of things you have to consider vary so much with each type of product and each manufacturer that it's almost impossible to list them all. What is the reputation of that particular product for reliability? Is it repairable if it breaks? Is there anything currently wrong with it that will require service? Are parts common, or are they available only through the manufacturer, or are they not possible to get?

    I'm rarely swayed to buy new simply because of the warranty. The manufacturer has presumably done their homework, and they know the odds of the product outlasting the warranty are very high. If the previous owner treated the product well then a used product should usually last as well as a new product. The problem is knowing with any certainty how well the previous owner treated the product, and they're often reluctant to let me disassemble it to inspect it for abuse. Those issues go away if you buy new.

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    • 100 dollar cars
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      the only used pedal i've purchased was a devi ever destructo noctavia. the only reason i bought that was because it was only 15 bucks at a local shop. i buy new because of the warranty and to support the builder. i'm willing to spend the extra cash on "boutique" pedals, mostly because the pedals aren't made by some faceless company.


      anyway, yeah..pedals=new. i will buy a used guitar, though.

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    Used mostly, Denver has a very active craigslist for music gear! I just picked up an all original, functioning 1964 Teisco Delray Spectrum offset guitar for $60 yesterday.


    • Faldoe
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      Used all the way. Rarely have I bought something new. Maybe if it's new to the market and there aren't any used out there. I did that with the El Cap and was able to resell it for what I got it for new cause they ran out and people were trying to sell them for more.

      I wanted a pitchfactor when it came out but I couldn't justify the $500 price tag so I waited till I found one for $350.

    • amp_surgeon
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      Even more relevant, anyone ever buy something used that was in questionable condition, and then write an online review of that product citing it's overall quality as not being very good? Like "It's a pretty good boost, but I'm kinda surprised that a '68 LPB-1 would have rust on it. You'd think they'd build them better than this."

      companyman wrote:
      Used mostly, Denver has a very active craigslist for music gear! I just picked up an all original, functioning 1964 Teisco Delray Spectrum offset guitar for $60 yesterday.


      Wow! It doubled in value in only 50 years! :smiley-bounce022:


      Just kidding! It's funny to me now to see Teisco's being considered vintage treasures. Back when that guitar was new the guy who owned it was probably teased mercilessly for not having a "real" guitar. Teisco, and their various other OEM brands, were usually sold in department stores rather than music stores, and were known for being among the least expensive guitars. My first electric was a Christmas gift from my parents - a 3/4 scale single pickup Prestige brand made by Teisco in Japan. My parents paid $25 for that guitar, brand new. The guys in my 8th grade rock workshop class gave me a lot of grief over that guitar. I still miss it.

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    Yeah ampsurgeon I hear ya on the Teiscos being cheapo **** back in the 70's, my first guitar was a Kent strat-type and a Univox tube combo...this Spectrum that I picked up is all original and the pickups live up to their hyped reputation, microphonic as all get out, but in a really pleasing musical way, there is a point at the 5th fret that produces infinite sustain feedback that is really unique and I am keeping the guitar for that alone, but it is a great quacky clean guitar too, really light and comfortable to play as well, best spent $60 ever!


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      Pedals I mainly buy used, unless its a wah or something like a volume pedal with a pot that can wear out, then I buy new... Last time I bought a used wah the pot and switch both went out a few weeks after buying it..


      • isitnormal?
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        A brand new violetta echo burnt up yesterday. I could not revive the piece of ****************e.

      • dkerwood
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        I generally like to buy used, just because I can save $$$ that way.  Warranty isn't generally a big deal.  I will usually buy the GC protection plan on a $100-200 range item, because they'll send you a check without even a question.  Don't even have to bother with sending the defective unit back.  I'll sometimes make a claim when the protection plan is about to expire, even if the pedal is fine... just because I've had too many items fail a week or two after the warranty expires.  That way I'm covered regardless.

        Doesn't always work though- I had a brand new Swollen Pickle fail on me within the manufacturer's warranty (just a little short of a year).  I had bought the protection plan, so I never bothered filling out the warranty paperwork.  Called the protection plan people; they said it was covered under the warranty.  Called the warranty people, they said it wasn't registered and thus wasn't covered.  Lost out both ways and had to get it fixed out of pocket.  Luckily, it was just a cheap repair (I really need to learn how to solder).