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Boss Twin Pedals (OD-20) with Visual Sound One-Spot? PSA adapter necessary?


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  • Boss Twin Pedals (OD-20) with Visual Sound One-Spot? PSA adapter necessary?

    Hey everyone, before i begin let me apologize if this has been discussed before. i spent the last 15 minutes searching through the boards here to make sure i wasnt being redundant, and i was unable to find anything, so here goes..

    i recently got a great deal on an od-20 brand new in the box, totally mint. very excited to dig in and get crankin with this thing, but i am a little startled by several things. 

    As a lot of you probably know, Boss insists that their users ONLY plug in with their super special PSA adapters for $21, conveniently not included. I have done lots of research over the last hour and the general consensus is that Boss PSA adapters are very poorly made and unreliable, and generally just a marketing scare-tactic to increase sales, a good business model i suppose, but not very cool as a consumer. 

    The Boss OD-20 consumes 85mA and i currently use a Visual Sound One-Spot with a max of 1700mA, more than enough for this and the other 5 pedals, wah & tuner im running. It is 9V, just like the OD-20 requires. One of my main concerns is the polarity. Apparently boss pedals/adapters are negative and most others are positive? Not 100% on this, but i dont want to damage anything, as i dont have a warranty, and this pedal is discontinued. Also dont want to blow up anything else i own. I hope im just being overly cautious, but if anyone more knowledgable than I can assist in the matter i would greatly appreciate it. 

    Is the One-Spot safe to run with this large boss twin pedal? will the polarity be an issue? do i REALLY need their fancy PSA adapter? Will there be a noise-issue if i go another route? 

    Please let me know if i can provide any other info to help solve this quandry. thanks a million!

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    here are links to both items in question:




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      boss pedals work fine on other power supplies, you should have no problem.
      As long as all of your pedals have a combined draw of less than 1700mA (minus ten or 20% to be on the safe side) you're good to go.

      Boss pedals are centre negative, but so are the vast majority of other pedals. Everyone has followed boss' lead in terms of power requirements so they're all compatible with each other.

      If you want to read up on power read some of the stuff on this site - http://stinkfoot.se/articles/power
      it also has a list of the power requirements of popular pedals.