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Amp Suggestions Needed For Powering A Talk Box

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  • Amp Suggestions Needed For Powering A Talk Box

    So, I use an old Heil Talk Box from the 70's. 99% sure the driver is 8 ohms. I usually run my talk box between the amp and speaker cab. However, I was thinking it might be better on my amps if I run a separate amp for the Talk Box and use an A/B switch to go between my main amp and TB amp. I was thinking one of those low watt, small amp heads would do the trick. I don't need anything fancy, just something to power the TB. Anybody have any suggestions? I would like to keep it less than $200. The new Vox MV50 looks interesting as does the Bugera 5 watt head and the Orange and Peavey hybrid heads. Do these put out enough juice for what I want? Any ideas and suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.
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    yes, a 5 watt tube amp, like the Bugera or just a Valve Junior head should certainly be enough.
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      I have a Electro Harmonix Golden Throat. I used to run it through my Twin Reverb.
      turned way down. The damn thing with rattle your teeth otherwise.

      The Golden Throat was purchased new for 25 bucks from a local shop that was going out f biz, like some 30 years ago.

      Some times I see those Vox AC4TV's out there used for like 200 bucks.

      You don't really need a speaker, just a dumby load, when the talk box is not being used. A head could work.

      Maybe something like the Orange Micro Terror would work too.

      Maybe a VHT special 6 watter.
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        Couple more good ideas. Thanks!

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      I built my own using an Horn driver and tube. I have powered it using a small 15W Marshall many times. I added a 1/4" speaker jack to the marshal then disconnect a speaker wire when using the talk box. I use a simple A/Y switch to feed the amp a signal from my pedal board to turn it on because I prefer to keep my stage amp running when I kick it on.

      I have run it using one of these small cigarette amps. These suckers are strong enough to push a 4X12 cab in a pinch. They aren't super loud but have a decent drive tone for pushing a talk box. You could tap in on a pedal board after your drive pedals too.

      The pedal remains powerd so long as a jack's plugged in so battery power is an issue. Its unlikely you'd use the talk box for more then a song or two during a night so you could simply plug the input jack in for that one song. I suppose you could wire up an AC adaptor. The internal speaker is bypassed when you plug a driver into the external speaker jack. The batter life is very good too. You can easily get a couple of months out of a batter if you only use it for one song a night.
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        WOW!!!! That looks like a great option. I also discovered the EHX 44 Caliber. Similar idea.

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        Bet you could simply rehouse the thing, Add another jack in parallel to the input that lest you connect it in series on a pedal board, add a switch to kill the input, thereby turning the talk box on and off, then add a 9V adaptor plug to the battery wires. All simple stuff that doesn't involve much yet you'd have the amp on your pedal board ready to plug into the talk box driver.

        I never bothered going that far because I got tired of hauling the extra gear. Its fun every once and awhile but it's pretty much a one trick pony.