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Light and tubes for Harmony H306a amplifier

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  • Light and tubes for Harmony H306a amplifier

    Does any body out there know where I can source tubes and a power switch bulb for a Harmony H306a amplifier?
    Have had it since new and want to get spare parts for it.

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    Found a pic for that amp. The indicator light seems to be the same as a fender. The bulb is like a 6.3V which can be found here for $1.

    The power switch is probably a simple SPST switch. you can find that on this page.

    Part #SW-495X2

    As far as the tubes go, the one listed on Reverb says it has
    • Tubes: 2x Westinghouse 12AX7A
    • 2x Westinghouse 7408 (6V6)
    • 1x GE 6SH7
    • 1x Westinghouse 5Y3

    You can find these on line at Tube depot, the tube store, Antique electronics and many more sites.

    There's another post I did in the amp forum that lists the tube comparison charts - Gives you the same info you're looking for.

    Given the age of this amp, I highly suggest you get new caps for it. Caps are like batteries. They get old, they get weak then they short out and blow the crap out of tubes and transformers. New caps insure clean DC voltage and power to spare. Most amps can have between 2~6 of them and most cost less then $5 each. Putting them in is usually a simple soldering job that only takes a few minutes once you're in there.

    The power tubes should be purchased as a matched set. This way the power each produce will be equal. Many amps also need to have the power tubes biased.

    Given the fact you need new tubes, switch, lamp and possibly new caps if they haven't been done, you may want to buy the parts and let a pro do the work. Doing a good soldering job and biasing the parts isn't something an amateur may know how to do well. In low voltage situations, like guitar pickups and pots, you aren't going to blow anything out with a short or cold solder joints. On a high voltage tube amp there is NO room for error and you only get one chance to get the job done right, I especially advise this in your case unless you have th soldering and technical experience to do the job right or know someone who can help.


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      If you need parts I've dealt with this guy: Recommended.
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