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right amp for 16 ohm speakers

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  • right amp for 16 ohm speakers

    hey guys i have 2 line array speakers that are 16 ohms and 500 watts each. my question is what kind of amp should i get to properly poor these speakers? to peer these on there own channel should i get an amp that can do 1000 watts at 8 ohms?

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    Most solid state PA power heads should do the job. many have variable impedances as well so you could easily buy a QSC, Crown, Peavey etc power heads and run the cabs in stereo at 16 ohms, or run them in parallel at 8 ohms and bridge the head for mono.

    The question is, what do you plan on using them for? You can often do better with one type of amp over another if people knew what your plans for them are. Line array speakers are designed to project sound over long distances. They have wide frequency responses for vocals. If you're planning on using them for guitar you'll need to model your sound electronically earlier in the chain. Many PA cabs have crossovers with high and low drivers which give them a Hi fidelity response and aren't suitable for guitar, but you can use a guitar modeling Preamp or guitar modeling pedal and preamp to drive a power amp that drives the cabs, just like you would feeding any PA rig.

    The cabs with a power amp and preamp might make a good bass or keyboard amp because they don't use speaker drive to get they're tone. Guitar sounds best with a lower fidelity midrange speaker that's designed for that instrument


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      If by "peer these on there own channel" you mean connect them in parallel then yes, 1000 Watts at 8 Ohms should be okay for a solid state amp assuming it's rated to drive an 8 Ohm load. You'll want less power--roughly half as much--if you're running a tube amp since they have more headroom. Also, it's not necessary to have a 500 Watt amp to drive a speaker rated for 500 Watts. A 50 Watt amp or smaller will often do fine depending on the venue and how loud you want to be. There are 30 Watt guitar amps that are deafening. As WRGKMC said, how are you planning to use the speakers? I'm assuming as PA cabs?
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        i plan on using these as pa cabs like deepend said.