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Trying to find the right amp for me. Vox, Fender.


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    I am looking for an amp to play in a band with a loud drummer. I'm gong for a clean, chimey, sparkley tone a bit like Johnny Marr in the Smiths, Tom Verlaine & Richard Lloyd from Television, but also with some overdriven amp tones for leads as I am not a big pedal user.

    Would an AC30 get me there or a Fender? I'm on a budget of around $500 - 700.

    There are quite a few used amps for sale locally around that price range including Vox AC30cc2, Fender Hot Rod Deville 4x10 and 2x12, Fender Super Reverb Reissue, Fender 75 1x15 combo, 80's Fender Concert head, 60's Fender Bandmaster head, Peavey Delta Blues combo.

    I can use a head with a friends 2x15 Bassman cab but a combo would be much more convenient.

    Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    The Vox AC30 custom classic sounds not much like the original Vox amps of the 60's. The beauty of the old Vox amps has a lot to do with the speakers, and the fact the old ones ran on the cusp of blowing up. Just kidding.

    The DeVille 4x10 is pretty damn loud, and awkward to haul. I owned a 2x12, and sold it.

    Nothing wrongs with a Super Reverb, or a Deluxe Reverb either. The DRRI is a fav of mine. You will push these amps with your fav OD. Trust me on one nice OD pedal, even with a DeVille. Even Johnny Marr has used a few pedals along the way.

    Johnny Marr was used a lot of Fender guitars, like Jaguar, but he also used a Rickenbacker 330. One of the keys to getting a great tone with a Rickenbacker is a treble booster and a touch of compression. maybe a Janglebox would be just what the doctor ordered.

    Good Luck. Hope this helps

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      I played a Super Reverb Reissue yesterday. That thing is loud and clean and the tone is beautiful. I imagine it will take pedals well, though I won't plan to use more than a little chorus, compression and overdrive.

      It was in great shape with just a tiny bit of noise from a couple of the pots. Had the 4 Jensen Alnicos made in Italy and Electro Harmonix 6L6's. The price is right and I think this is my amp barring a sudden change of mind.


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        Super Reverbs are great amps - especially with the Jensen P10R speakers.

        My only issue with them is the size which makes them impossible (for me) to carry with a straight arm.

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      Well you won't have any trouble keeping up with your drummer if that's the direction you want to go! The only drawback for me on that amp is its weight (& bulk). Hopefully you won't have to cart it around that much.
      I have a friend who owns a quad reverb (basically a twin with 4 12's). That thing weighs probably around 100lbs & you need 2 people to load it since its so bulky...


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        That's a lot of amp. May I recommend one of these as an accessory?

        Click image for larger version

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          To follow up I got the Super Reverb Reissue and have been happy with it the last couple of months. I haven't had a lot of time to play but jammed with a drummer friend and was plenty loud at 3.5 to 4 on volume knob. I just picked up a Way Huge Red Llama MkII as an overdrive. It should arrive tomorrow and I'm excited to see how it interacts with the Super.

          And yes, it is HEAVY!
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            Congratulations and Happy New Amp Day.
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              Not everyone agrees with everything thats been said here. Point to point vs. printed circuit board. Both can be found with sh-ty workmanship. I'd take a point to point amp done right any day, for their easier to repair. There are companies that do the printed boards right. Tone King, Boogie, Zinky amps etc.
              ​Fender imo is one of the worst, using the cheapest parts and just enough transformer to get it working. (Not black faced fender amps) or early models. 60's

              Many a musician complained about Fender amps and the (ICE pick) treble. Many sent out with sh-ty tubes. Remember the amplification happens within the Tube its self. I remember the Deluxe reverb re. sounded terrible until you changed the speaker to a alltone 1250 12" speaker with a tube tweak. I've yet to find a modern tube offering that overdrives like a vintage NOS offering.1950's to 62 GE, tungsol, amperex, mullard, bendix etc. digital amps? lets not go there for professional use. solid state? there's a few. the roland jazz chorus and the Lab Series did good.

              ​If you want a quality amplifier that's going to last you. be it point to point or printed circuit board (thick double sided) unlike ( Fenders wave soldered cheap stuff )

              . its going to cost you. a couple grand or more. Been there done it all. Cry once and be done with it. Your better quality will be found with the small builders. Still tubes will be a issue. I've used JJ's and EH tubes with some success but they don't last long. NOS last ten times if not more. finding honest sellers is another topic all together.

              ​Learn how to use pedals! compressors, overdrives, boosts. then the time based effects chorus, delay, verb etc. Phasers / univibes wahs. fuzz. Above all this, learn to play. (unity gain)
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