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    I have terrible GAS for a high-end Engl head, and I've been seriously considering Savage 120 based on some things I've read and heard about it. Unfortunately I can't test it though, so I'm kind of shooting in the dark here.

    The GAS is because I have a screamer combo which I've played through a Mesa 2x12 (V30) and it sounds incredible! I've also always loved the tones that Andre Olbrich (Blind Guardian) gets from his Engl amps (mostly SE, presumably). Some have described the Savage as Engl's best head next to the SE for extreme metal rhythm and lead (while still having usable cleans). Most samples I've heard of it demonstrate certain characteristics that I love in a tone, but then, there are things that I don't like.

    Many samples of Savage sound really flat with power chords and brutal metal rhythm. What I like the best about the Screamer is the awesome brightness combined with the low mid thump. This is most apparent with the gain at around 10 o'clock, high-gain humbuckers and maybe a tube screamer with tone cranked (no drive). My only problem is that if I dial in a great lead tone, the rhythm parts can sound honky and dull. And obviously, the prospect of even more defined and higher quality tones excites me to no end.


    Most albums supposedly featuring Savage have really flat and quiet sounding guitars. There's no punch in the low end until there's some percussive chugging or quick one-note licks. And nobody ever seems to play chords other than low fifths, I hope that's not indicative of the amp not handling that kind of playing well. The leads are usually excellent sounding though.

    So, opinions appreciated, I guess. For the record, I've tried some Marshall heads, and I definitely prefer how my Screamer sounds like through that 212. Also tried a Peavey 6505 - couldn't get the awesome lead tone, and yeah, I need those cleans too. My bandmate has a Mesa Roadster -while I'm sure it's a fine amp, I dislike its tone.