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Need help/opinions on semi-temporary live/practice setup

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  • Need help/opinions on semi-temporary live/practice setup

    Hi! I'm new here. I've been cruising the boards for a little while for the purposes of reading up and finally decided to register and see what info other people can offer me. 

    I'm playing in a sludge/stoner/crust project. I just moved to another state and sold my equipment a little while ago, so I'm putting together enough gear to not have to borrow for a few months. I know the whole sludge/doom/stoner/crust tone discussion is probably a tired subject, but I'm trying to figure out how long I can make due with what I have at the moment. 

    Currently I'm using a Les Paul Studio

    Peavey Transtube Supreme 100W Head (A friend sold it to me for 200. Perfect working condition. Just needed something loud. Considering modding or gutting it in the future).

    Vintage Ampeg V4 412 cab re-loaded with Celestion 75s (Another deal a friend made for about 300. Fair, in my opinion).

    I can also borrow an Avatar Contemporary 212 loaded with Swamp Thangs for the extra air movement and low tones in live situations.

    Is there any possibility of achieving the tone that I need through a lot of volume with the right bass tone underneath it and my guitar on the neck pickup? Would a fuzz box get me close enough? My bassist has a Proco Rat and a Big Muff for me to use also.


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    Dude, you're set.

    I have an Ampeg VH-140c 2x12 combo and an Avatar 2x12 that I pair up...wired up through a Muff of any sort it brings the house down for the sludge doom stuff.

    The Transtube isn't *that* much different from the VH--solid state, loud, pretty awesome sounding. The Transtube head should do really great, especially for what you're using it for. I had a 2x12 combo version of that amp as one of my very first amps in high school and I loved it. Wish I would have kept the damn thing.

    I can keep pace with a Dual Rectumfier (sic) no sweat. You might actually really like the way it all sounds and stick with it.