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16 volt with One Spot?

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  • 16 volt with One Spot?

    can i use a 16 volt pedal with a One Spot?  every other pedal in the chain is a 9 volt.

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    No. The One spot only provides 9 v only and if the pedal requires 16v (an oddball voltage for sure) you have to use its original wall wart. Usually pedals run on 9V, 12V and 18V.

    Some pedals may run on a range of voltages from 9~12Vdc for example but you should check this out before connecting it. Plus the polarity may be reversed and if the pedal doesnt have a diode to protect it from reverse voltage it can blow. Some pedales even require AC voltages and wont function using a DC source.

    16v  is unique for sure. You didnt mention the pedal type but have seen some that use a preamp tube use oddball voltages. It may have a specific current draw as well so using the matching wall wart is essential in avoiding hum or damage to the pedal. Polarity of the plug may be a factor too. if you dont have the original wall wart, be shure to check the manufacturers specs, voltage, current and polarity if you're considering a substitute.