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Anyone here gig with SS or Hybrid amps?


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  • Anyone here gig with SS or Hybrid amps?

    I ask this because it seems that EVERYONE plays an all tube amp gigging but I use a hybrid Musicman amp a Peavey Mace VT and a SS and a Sunn Beta Lead. Anyone else use Hybrid amps and solid states for gigging?

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    I use an Ampeg VH-140c 2x12 combo, and I pair it with an Avatar 2x12. In super stereo. 

    Straight up, one of the best amps I've ever used live/best amps I've ever used, period. I also have a Gallien Krueger 250ML that I use on occasion for practices, but it also wires into the Avatar cab and blows doors off. It's very different from the VH, so I use it on occasion. 

    I had a buddy who had a hybrid Musicman. What a great amp!

    I think there might be a bit of a push back towards solid state, to be honest. I know a guy who traded in his Laney combo for a JC-120, and he is straight up over the moon about it. I can't disagree with him.

    One of my bucket list amps is a Sunn Beta Lead.

    I have to admit I'm tired of folks bagging on solid state, because they've probably only used crap cheap solid state amps. The good stuff is *good*.



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      Besides if you play to a crowd of drunks like I do they can care less if I played a Fender Twin or a mic'd pignose.


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        Vox AD60VTX
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          I had to leave most my tube stuff as it was very heavy to lug around and be having a screwed up back at birth had me playing hybrid amps and solid states.


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            For smaller gigs I really like my Fender Super Champ XD with a Jensen Neo speaker. Its a hybrid - tube amp with modeling front end. Although I sometimes use a Mesa Boogie V-Twin tube preamp in front of it. But it sounds fine on its own and I like its light weight and portability. Sounds good going through the PA too. Its not as loud or full sounding as my all-tube Mesa Boogie Studio 22+ but its great to have for certain occasions.


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              I used a Vanous Evolution for a few years. Killer 300 watt hybrid.
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                Quilter is a somewhat recent brand of solid state guitar amp that's getting attention -- brought to you by Pat Quilter, who founded QSC (Quilter Sound Corp) many years ago...



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                  Sometimes I will play through a Fender Stage 1000 Solid State amp. I also have a Cyber Twin which has a similar SS output circuit as the Stage 1000 as well as a couple of 12AX7s in a digitally configurable preamp.

                  My main amp is a Yamaha DG80 (digital preamp - SS output) and for quiet gigs I may use a Fender Princeton Reverb or a Mesa Boogie Subway Blues (which are both all tube amps).
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                    Last year , I bought an old Digitech 2112 Rack Processor with two 12AX7 tubes in it. I run a Digitech RP-1 and RP-12 in it. I tried some of the newer toys ( rack units / floor units) and it seems like the tone is lacking in the newer Boss, Digitech Roland and various others.
                    I can seriously do some extreme tonal variations approximations of amps out there : VHT Pitbull- Deliverance, Carvin X-100 B - V3- Legacy 1, 2 and 3, Marshall JCM 800-900- Plex, Classic Fender tones ,Peavey JSX tones or any mega extreme gain amps ... and some.
                    I play every thing from Classic Rock , Blues, Thrash, Neo-Classical Metal, Shred, 80's Metal and Speed Metal. I have two VHT ( now Freyette) Valvulator 1's in my signal path to give my floor units some tube tone. Now I can leave my X-100 B, VHT, V3, Marshalls and Fender amps home, while I have them emulated to a tee with my 2112 processor.


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                      So what's the hype one the Quilter amps? I never seen one so I don't know what it sounds like


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                        '67 JMI Vox Solid State head into Vox 2x12 loaded with 60s Celestion Silvers... Absolutely amazing tone. Think early Zeppelin or Cream.
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                          Originally posted by Mr.scary96 View Post
                          So what's the hype one the Quilter amps? I never seen one so I don't know what it sounds like
                          I own a Quilter Aviator head (gig bag included): $549 + $59 for the foot controller. I use my Mesa 1x12 Widebody cab. It has GREAT tone! I have a close friend who makes some pretty respectable income. He buys gear he is curious about and he owns a Quilter Micro Pro 200 head paired with a Quilter Micro Pro cab, so I got to fiddle around with his at no personal expense. It gets great tone, but the Micro Pro 200 head had too many channel switchy boosty gee-gaw things for my taste. I like simplicity. Since I already owned my Mesa cab, I took the plunge and ordered the more Spartan Aviator head. I LOVE this thing! I highly recommend Quilter. I am considering buying a second Aviator, the 1x12 combo so that I will have a spare. It is well worth the price.
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                            I use a Line 6 DT25 for smaller gigs and a Cyber Twin for bigger rooms. Both with excellent tone.
                            Carvin DC400; Fender Cyber-Twin head, Carvin 2x12, JTV69, DT25, Epiphone Nite Hawk, Tele squire, Wechter acoustic, Carvin AG 1000, Gretch 5120


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                              A tube preamp into a SS power amp can sound really good. You get some of the tube magic but SS tightness. If you want to play super loud though it helps to have tons of power, just don't overload your speakers. I haven't been using it lately but I have an old Peavey Rockmaster preamp and a two channel 800 watt SS power amp, well it's 800 if you have it into an 8 ohm load or two 4 ohm loads anyway.

                              I am not fond of pure SS racks/heads for guitar but I probably haven't heard the right setup yet.