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  • The Backing Track Thread!!!

    **UPDATE 12/12/06: I no longer have a place to host the files, and am not around the forum often enough nowadays to add new tracks. Anybody willing to take over the thread?

    Seeing as how we've had several jams as of late, thought I'd start a thread and collect all the backing tracks, so folks can jam with'em, or make new amp clips in context of a song.

    If you got ones you want to share, please send links to the backing tracks that you have (from a jam or not), with a short description of what it is, or send it to me, and I'll see about posting'em - PM me on that.

    Let me know if any of these links are missing.


    Full Jams:
    Alex Flouros - Jeff Healy's While My Guitar Gently Weeps
    Ed DeGenaro - Funk Jam
    Ed DeGenaro - Funk Jam 2
    Big Hair - Gary Moore Jam
    TubeAmpsOnly - Frank Gamble Jam
    Bob Savage Jam
    bds9487 - Tore Down, Rocking Blues
    Richard L Couch - Hindu Pop!
    Red Ant - ZZ-ish Jam
    RonniePentatonic - D minor Ballad
    RonniePentatonic - Zep Heartbreaker
    Acoustic Voodoo Jam
    Richard Couch - pop_v1.mp3
    Vlad - Andy Simmons Jam
    Faderhead Jam
    Red Ant/Ed D - Lowell Groove Jam
    Acoustic Voodoo - Live for Today Jam
    Ed DeGenaro - EJ SRV Jam
    Ed D & Phil B Funk Jam
    Red Ant - Jeff Beck's Pork Pie
    Red Ant - Disco Funk
    Aja - All Blues Backing
    Red Ant - Psycho Funk
    IamOne - Jefff Beck Led Boots
    IamOne - Jeff Beck Big Block
    IamOne - Jeff's Boogie
    IamOne - Jeff Beck El Becko
    RedAnt - The Big B (Bonham)
    Ed DeGenaro - Yeah Backing
    Syrnett - Piano Ballad
    EdD - Kotzen Ballad
    JB - Ballad Jam
    Ed D - Jimmy Page Backing
    BrentSP - Rainbow In The Dark
    KillerDozer - The Deal
    EdD - MilesJamBacking
    bds9487 - LGbacking
    Red Ant - MDTrack
    SuperStrat - Cuminhomebacking16
    J.B. - "a slow bluesy thing"
    leadfootdiver - fusion jam
    Ed Degenaro - For Myron
    TU BE - Drum Jam (10/26)
    Andershoeg - Metal Jam Track
    bds9487 - Pearls
    riffy - Come Heavy
    PhilBelanger - Easy Going Jam
    EdD - minored
    bds9487 - 'Fore you 'cuse me
    bds9487 - song4u
    macman01 - Minor
    bds9487 - eminorGFadeShort
    Paul J. Edwards - Finally2

    Drums only:
    JCC Drum Jam
    TU BE Metal Drum Jam 07-28-04
    Bob Savage - Drums
    Riverdragon - Drums
    Chad Chicago - Simple Drums
    Derek Roddy - Rapture

    Other resources:
    danyeo's site

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    Great thread Idea brother!!! My practice( when I get around to doing it ) primarily consists of playing over backing tracks....
    My clips, check 'em out!!!
    More Clips!!!

    Mint, No Velcro and in Original box, Seriously priced to move. Price reflects PayPal'd and Shipped to the lower 48( Gift would be nice, have TONS of references) No reasonable offer refused

    Get it while its hot gents, it wont last at this price!!!

    PigTronix Disnortion OFO-$140


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      Great idea!!

      I think you need to make some backing tracks with your Plexi
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      Originally posted by Anderton

      thought rather than wait for someone else to start that topic, I'd do it myself. Here's why.

      I have talked with Rob and we agreed he will post in NO Amp forum threads other than the Tech Thread. If he does post in any other threads, he will be banned.

      I realize that will be a real temptation for some of you to just let loose in new threads, knowing he won't reply. Rob understands that as well, but a deal's a deal.

      As to the tech thread itself, it seems most people "get" it and aren't interested in drama, but just want their questions answered or discuss topics of interest. Already there have been some great contributions from various members of the HC community. There are links to useful resources. There's a lot of good stuff. I don't want that thread to be about Rob, James, or anyone for that matter. I want it to be a flame-free zone about amp technology, and apparently, so do a lot of you.

      But this an experiment. If the idea of a thread devoted solely to "non-denominational" tech subjects doesn't fly, or if people can't keep negative aspects of their personalities out of it, I see no need to subject anyone, especially the HC community, to an untenable situation. At that point I would archive the useful information and close the thread.

      Let's turn down the volume for a couple weeks and see what happens. Nothing is set in stone. All I care about is a site that takes care of people's needs. A lot of you feel that a dedicated tech thread is a useful addition. I think so too; time will tell. [/QUOTE]


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        The thread's sinking fast - BUMP.



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          Originally posted by JCC
          Great idea. I've got a few here... I'll PM you.

          Sweet. I'll put'em up after I get off work tonight.



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            I'm working on one Mike...


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              Originally posted by Richard L Couch
              I'm working on one Mike...

              Cool! Let us know when it's ready!



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                Should I get this sticky'ed?



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                  Originally posted by JCC
                  Mike, I can't take credit for those clips... I sent them to you because I had them on my PC. I didn't have anything to do with creating and/or posting them originally. I think two of them were Ed D's.

                  And yes, you should sticky the thread.


                  The two funk jams were Ed's, I presume?



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                    I have a few, I'll see what I can dig up.
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                      By the way - does anyone remember who started the Frank Gamble backing track a while back?



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                        Tore Down - Rockin' Blues
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                        Originally posted by EVH_Sound:
                        "...the purpose of iso booths in the studio is to allow seperate editing of the tracks in question without having to worry about matching up you edits between parts of the song with the same harmony. But you already knew that."


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                          This site is all about backing tracks:
                          "Tell it to the marines - the sailors will never believe you."


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                            Great idea!! Hard to beat some real backings for practicing to...

                            Another site you might want to check out for real mp3 tracks (the one above is great) is ...this one(vh user forums)


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                              Great idea guys, my site is posted in a couple of threads but I just thought I would mention it's all in the spirit of sharing which is what led me to the idea of a backing track exchange forum. In most cases if it's not already there (or it's been removed) you can request a track and it will usually be promplty added.
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