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Smaller amp similar to Vibro King?


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  • Smaller amp similar to Vibro King?

    Love the Vibro King, but size is an issue. What other amps in smaller formats are closest to the VK vibe?

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    Fender Vibrolux.
    ^FAT!!! WARM!!! JUICY!!!^


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      And Vibroverb
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        Have u tried all three or do u base it on the "Vibro" part?
        I have heard good things about the Vibroverb so I'll check it out but the Vibrolux I dont think is that close actually. Especially the RI that is even a far cry from the original Vibrolux unfortunately.

        I assume u mean the RI Vibroverb as the vintage is hard to find and super duper expensive to boot.
        I think even the RI is has a pretty tag.

        How about other brands...any of Top Hats models?

        Thanks for the info!


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          They don't call it the King for nothing. Reverb that can be adjusted with 3 knobs; dwell, mix & tone. You won't see that in other Fender amps, not to mention the vibrato which is really cool even if you can hardly hear it set at about 4. The tone is fat. Only one channel. To me that is the way to go, step on your fat switch pedal if you need more gain. The best feature is that it is all point to point wiring from the custom shop, not from an assembly line of machines soldering pieces together. The volume and tone controls also control a lot. A minor adjustment really makes a difference. If you have the tone controls down to "0" and the volume up, you will get no sound. they all interact with each other unlike any other amp I have seen. You have to crank the volume up past 5 or 6 to start the tube break up in order to get that vintage bluesy sound. (A Hotplate may be necessary if you need lower volume but still want the tube breakup). I have a Blues Jr, and an Evil Twin, and a Marshall DSL 100 1/2 stack. They don't come close to the Vibro King. The Marshall does have it good points though for rock but it's not good for vintage blues, or soul & funk.
          It's worth the 60lbs. It will keep you in shape too. LOL


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            The Vibrolux and Vibroverb probably aren't going to cut it.

            The Vibro King doesn't have the traditional Blackface/Silverface-style preamp that the Vibrolux Custom and Vibroverb RI uses. The King has a more aggresive preamp that is easier to push hotter.

            While the Vibro King isn't excatly a Brownface-style preamp either, Brownface-style designs might prove a litte closer to its character.

            If you don't go vintage, then you can look at the Top Hat Club Deluxe or Super Deluxe; Allen Hot Fudge; or the Dr. Z Z-28. The problem is most of these amps don't have many of the features of a Vibro King (many lack reverb).

            The problem is none will probably be real close to the Vibro King, it is a fairly unique amp. But, I understand you on size. I generally only play 1x12" amps anymore.



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              What's a HOTPLATE?


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                Originally posted by martyworld
                What's a HOTPLATE?

                a power attenuator so you can "tame" a loud amp that doesn't have a master volume...usually the use of!


                pick your color...


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                  I use both of these amps - the Vibrolux more only due to smaller rooms. These two are very similiar in tone. You can split hairs on the differences but as far as a 40 watt smaller cabinet, only 2 10's, etc. versus a 60 watt larger cabinet, 3 10's, etc. - in the Fender line - I find them to be very complimentary.
                  No, no two amps ever sound exactly the same but for me, I would highly recommend the "Custom" Vibrolux Reverb as a step down from the Vibro King.
                  I play mostly strats. But my 335 and Les Paul sound great through each as well.
                  No effects. Blues, Soul, Groovin' Rock music.
                  J-200, J-50, Es335DOT, Starfield Altair Custom, Clapton Strat (Blackie, Ferrari Red, Pewter - looking for 7-up 1988), G&L ASAT Special, two '62 Reissue Strats w/Texas Specials, Les Paul Classic 1960 Reissue w/WCR "Fillmore Set" P/ups, Obrien 4x12 50 watt combo, '69 Princeton reverb, 93 Vibro King, 2000 Custom Vibrolux Reverb, 2004 '65 reissue Deluxe Reverb!


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                    Looking over the schematic, from a previous thread, you're probably going to be closest with a vibrolux reverb (with the reverb off) and a stand along reverb unit in front of it.