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Just got a marshall dsl tube amp. it has buzzy nasty distortion(unwanted).Please help


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    I agree with the guy above in that Marshall with channel switching have never sounded as organic as a single channl version IMO. Especially the smasller combos. Ok, that being said and seeing how you are stuck now with it. First off, Spend the money for a bench charge and take to a local and reputable and I re iterate reputable Marshall guy or person who knows there valve amps well. Tell him exactlky the scene on this rig and let him do his thing. If he comes back with a clean bill of health and nothing is wrong i.e That is Tubes, transformer, caps, no dirt ,etc All is in working order and the tubes have been changed as well as lighting up. Then I would say try running it with a Boss Pedal like a DS1. Something basic but decent. Use a humbucker pickup guitar and try these settings.
    Treble-10 oclock
    Middle1 oclock
    Bass-3 oclock
    Preamp-3 15 oclock
    Presence- 1 oclock
    That should all be safe enough settings and on the pedal run the Boss at:
    Level-just a hair past 12 oclock
    Drive 3 oclock
    tone 12 oclock

    These are settings that have been proven to sound decent on just about any valve type Marshall you can own IMO
    If you turn on and the sound is still crackling and ****************ty then guess what. You bought a lunker. Its firewood time. Emai lthe guy and complain and tell him to give you your money back
    good luck!!!!!!!
    Im aure these settings arent to everyone liking but they are a safe bet for a good tone
    However your problem will probably not get that far and your amp tech will surely find the problem if its not just in your head!!!!!!


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      Originally posted by MadKeithV

      And they are arse-whoopingly good. Get one.

      His 20 watt combo is already too loud for his needs......I don't know if I would suggest this....

      To be honest....just get a damn PODXT for practice then have a separate amp for gigging.

      Marshalls are meant to be played LOUD to get their tone....there's no way around it.
      I defy you to get a convincing death or black metal vocal down perfectly in one week if you think its so easy. It will never happen because you lack the years of practice needed to aquire such a skill. - DaevasAsmodeus

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        Originally posted by freaksho

        i have one and i think it sounds great, especially for the $400 i spent (new). the are a number of forumites that hate this amp for no good reason. ignore them. you can get some great vintage blues and rock tones out of this thing. and the clean aint nothin to sneeze at either, as you have already discovered. three things i've found that you may find helpful:


        I have one too. While I prefer my 2204 halfstack, the DSLcombo also has some great tones. These amps aren't crapped on at other forums. The main problem with these newer Marshalls is the gain knobs. They should only go to 5 instead of 10. Past 5 the distortion gets thin and buzzy. If you need more gain then 4 - 5 then use a OD just the same way you would with a JCM800. Another thing that works for me is to always have the master on 10 and use the channels volume to adjust volume level.
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          Originally posted by MeanFingers

          I had it retubed with some EI el84s because the amp tech told me that to use anything else, he would have to drill out the holes because they wouldn't fit (??)

          JJ's will fit. Thats what I have in mine.
          Marshall JCM800 2204
          Marshall Lead 100 Mosfet
          Laney AOR ProTube 50


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            Yes, the JJ's will fit.

            By the way, that amp has soooo much gain on tap... too much.

            Here is what I did on mine. I threw a 12DW7 preamp tube into V2. There are available from Eurotubes.

            The 12DW7 is half a 12ax7 and half a 12au7. In this case the 12ax7 will keep the clean channel the same, while the 12au7 will reduce the avaible gain by about 14dB.

            with mine I can now actually get a clean/lowgain setting with the gain knob on the OD channel!! And it will still get some more modern sounds, but best of all , the BUZZy distortion is now much less harsh!!


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              Originally posted by xgxmanx

              it's new Marshall product...
              sounds par for the course to me...

              buy engl and be saved


              Originally posted by pureanalog

              The amp is fine according to him. He made it sound good. How? Used completely different setting from the ones I normally use. He cranked the thing to the end....

              Now, I am betting he knows how to play really well too.

              Lots of people think amps sound bad, and it's not the amp.

              Not saying this is the case with you.

              BTW get new Tubes. The kind that usually come with stock amps stink.

              Originally posted by Mister2


              Absolutely nothing improves your tone better than practice !! and its free !!

              Bing! This man is correct.


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                People who have brought a marshall jcm 2000 dsl 401, may have been pissed off with it !!! so was i !!!! after some research i found that :
                changing the preamp tubes to some with a bit lower gain ,like i brought GE 5751 or the JJ ecc803, will make the overdriven sound lot sweeter. or can mix JJ ecc83 and JJ ecc803 so the bass remains tight.
                for best results change all 4 of them with nos tubes.
                aslo replace the crappy el84 tube in it. JJ 's fit inside are cheap and will do the job, some el84 dont fit in the sockets !!!!
                must rebias but not too high; try around .800 mv. marshall says at 1.345 mv which is too high and may burn out tubes soon.
                finally replace the crappy speaker with an celestion vintage 30.
                after all this you will get the sweet marshall overdriven tone.
                hope to all good luck !!!!!!!!!!!!


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                  Am i the only one that noticed the el84's? Drop in el34's, they have the classic rock type of sound and should help out there. I tried the dsl50 before i bought my legacy, the new marshall just didn't do it for me and my 79' JMP sounded way better than the dsl.


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                    Originally posted by pureanalog
                    Hi folks.

                    Today I received by UPS a Marshall DSL201 20 Watt all tube amp.

                    4 12ax7 preamp tubes and 2 EL84

                    The amp sounds well when played at the clean channel with the clean channel gain control under 4-5 and master volume at moderate to quite loud levels. When gain is turned up or when I switch to the dirty channel I get this nasty distortion. Not the kind of distortion one wants but rather a buzzy and fuzzy distortion like the speaker has a problem or something. But no it is not the speaker.

                    I did this test. I hooked up the PODxt to the Effects return input and used the POD as a pre-amp. Everything sounded pretty fine.

                    So the problem must be somewhere in the pre-amp section right??

                    I swapped the pre-amp tubes positions with one another and nothing changed.

                    I emailed the guy who sold the amp to me and he claims that the amp was working fine before he sent it.

                    I also noticed that the REVERB has an effect on this problem. When turned up its nastier. But it doesnt change anything drastically though.

                    This buzzy distortion makes the amp unusable.

                    Any ideas or suggestions?

                    the DLS combo's are not very good. Nothing like the heads. Not even close. If you expected to get DSL50 tone oput of that amp, it an't happening no matter what tubes you use. The DSL 20 is in the Peavey practice amp market. You got what you paid for. I think your expectations were too high on this amp. For the same money(or less) you could have bought a Peavey Classic 30. A far superior amp, IMO. Or even go for the Calssic 30 head, although you'll need a cab too. IMO there are much better choices in that price range than the DSL20.


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                      Originally posted by Pete
                      Am i the only one that noticed the el84's? Drop in el34's, they have the classic rock type of sound and should help out there. I tried the dsl50 before i bought my legacy, the new marshall just didn't do it for me and my 79' JMP sounded way better than the dsl.

                      nope, you can't use EL34's in a DSL20.


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                        Originally posted by pureanalog
                        the thing is only at clean channel with gain turned up high and the dirty channel.

                        normal cleans seem to work sweet. The distortion has the problem. STill havent figured out what it is...

                        perhaps it's the speaker? Try unplugging the speaker in the combo and plug into a cab and se if it goes away. Could have a blown speaker.


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                          Originally posted by DeadNight Warrior

                          Not really, unless it's an active EQ. With a passive EQ section like on most amps, the controls only subtract, not add.

                          As far as I know...

                          this is true, passive eq's only cut frequencies, they cannot boost.


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                            On DSL combos, there's so many factors that can change the tone that Its easy to find a good tone one day and a bad one the next.

                            The clean channel is pretty good, but the OD channels have a tensdency to thinness. Heres what I find helps on my DSL401:

                            The stock apeaker needs to break in, after which it improves, but...

                            Change it to a Vintage 30 - its a night-and-day differnce and improvement in overall and low-end tone.

                            The OD is voiced to make screaming leads with heavy bass de-emphasis. It sounds much better loud than quiet. But when more low end is needed, an EQ box in the FX loop, set to feed in pure bass, helps alot.

                            Try overdriving the clean channel, great crunch tones are available by pushing the front end with a booster, with bass trimmed a bit

                            I'm still on stock tubes, and every day i get happier with my sound. When it comes time, a set of JJ's will go in.




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                              I agree with the change of the stock speaker but also the crap ecc83 tubes need to be changed for sure. i switched to sylvania 5751 nos tubes; these are a bit underpowered (same perhaps like the ecc82 or the 12at7 im not sure about these) but the idea is to get a bit less gain in the pregain section therefore the sound gets thicker in the od's. Definately there is a big change in the sound !!!!


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                                Just to let you know:

                                After a while and many gigs I tried out the following.

                                -Changed the preamp tubes and the cleans improved a lot. Changed the power tubes too.

                                -Changed the stock speaker to V30. Cleans improved DRAMATICALLY and so did the dirty tones but the volume became ear bleeding. More than double. The cabinet of the combo could not handle it properly without rattling. Too loud for what I needed. And it was too trebly when cranked.

                                -Pedals like the MT-2 sounded better through a valvestate than the DSL.

                                After a while I bought a Silver Jubilee 1988 combo 2554 50W and now I hear the good old Marshall tone I was missing with the DSL. I kept both amps for a while and the DSL201 was definitely more versatile (two true channels) and more playable at reasonable levels.

                                Anyhow there is absolutely no comparison in any department. Besides the cleans and the low volume playability the DSL201 is a much-much inferior amp to the silver jubilee.

                                Still I am yearning for a plexi, perhaps to replace the silver jubilee combo or keep both.

                                The Jub needs a second amp for the cleans to be giggable.