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  • I'm no fan of shreding but -- incredible skill. Incredible.


    • Thanks!!


      • btw i wonder whats so shred about it, i mean i can hardly call thhe bluesy thing shred... i agree that its fast and it has a lot of sweeptap blabvla going on, but it does sound bluesey and not shreddy. But well, i guess that the people who think this is shred call steve vai a shredder too.
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        • Originally posted by crwnedblasphemy
          Can the tonelab get good metal rythm tones, or is it primarily good for soloing? Thanks.....I can't stop listening....Robert you are incredible!

          Tonelab has a bad rep for not being able to do high gain. I don't know who started this but must have been some insecure XT owner. I can make the little blue box do some seriously hard rhythm.


          • I own both: Tonelab and Podxt.

            Espescially for low and hi gain the Tonelab sounds more 'natural' to me.


            • That was awe inspiring, every clip! Thanks!


              • Hello, got the link for this amazing music from the forums.

                Well done, I have a feeling this thread is gonna be one of those threads that spread like wildfire over the internet.

                When you do publish your CD, I'd like to buy it for sure.



                • Thanks guys!!!


                  • Wow, great...

                    Could you please post your tonelab settups on the 7 clips?? at least the Neo classic settups...

                    I dont have that much knowledge about effects and so on, so I cant manage to create things like that myself...

                    Would you please post your setup? it would be fantastic if you could put them into that tonelab program thingy


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                      • Originally posted by Robbert 01
                        Thanks guys!!!
                        how about answering a PM? or did you just come here to pimp your stuff?

                        My clips, check 'em out!!!
                        More Clips!!!

                        Mint, No Velcro and in Original box, Seriously priced to move. Price reflects PayPal'd and Shipped to the lower 48( Gift would be nice, have TONS of references) No reasonable offer refused

                        Get it while its hot gents, it wont last at this price!!!

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                        • video link doesnt work for me !!!

                          I need to see it baaaaadly ...
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                          • truly amazing!
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                            • MAke the video work.. its not working anymore !
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                              Originally posted by cobrahead1030
                              i too took the strings off my guitar, and now i scrape at the pickups with my pick
                              it's very...tom morello

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                              Originally posted by IamOne
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                              • Could you please send me a tab of that bluesy jam..

                                I've heard it over and over again, its just great...

                                Some of the prahsings reminds me of something David Gilmour would play...

                                Please e-mail me on: