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    Originally posted by Marcel Coenen

    Theres so few of us

    Ah Marcel, I've heard you're playing before too, also very tasteful.
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    Originally Posted by Chicken Monkey

    I'd imagine that putting it in Denise Richards has the heroin-like effect of making you realize the rest of your life isn't worth living. Maybe that's just me.


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        Wonderful playing. I especially liked the use of sustain at the end of the "Vai" clip. Really good connection with the pocket throughout.
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          VERY cool! Are you using a string mute towards the nut to keep strings from ringing out? How many fingers are you using on your tapping hand (looks like just the middle, but I THOUGHT I saw your ring and pinky working too... you were too fast for the camera) and most importantly...

          CAN WE PLEASE HAVE SOME TABS! I'd love to add some of that technique to my bag o' tricks. Right now I pick sweeps on the fingerboard and then tap top notes with the right hand middle finger (and sometimes ring and pinky finger) but mine don't flow nearly as well as yours or sound as cool. I'd like to steal some of your licks.

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            What is the FULL guitar recording gear?
            ( I mean guitar, pre&power amps, recording machine, all the things thet are between your guitar and my ears).


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              Originally posted by danyeo
              Damm, incredible technique here folks. I do some tapping myself but the stuff here is off the wall. DO you have any tabs for any of this stuff. I need to work on arpeggio and sequence taps.
              Holy Crap, me too. My tapping and sweeping leave SO much to be desired it isnt even funny. I need to throw the pick away for awhile and concentrate on this stuff

              Great stuff Robert and welcome to the forum!!!

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                Originally posted by STEEL KAGE
                ... I need to throw the pick away for awhile and concentrate on this stuff...


                Actually I think it's a good idea to learn it while holding a pick

                ...unless you're as fast as van halen and michael romeo to tuck away the pick under the other fingers...
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                  Would you mind sharing your Tonelab patches? I know you gave some general pointers a couples pages back, but seeing all your setting would be really great. If you have a MIDI setup, you can easily upload your patches to share using the software on VOX's website.

                  It would be an honour if you would participate in some Tonelab discussion. I know you found the Tonelab thread here , but you can also check out the Yahoo group here and the discussion forum here .

                  Again, fantastic playing. You and Marcel should record a song together. That would be mind-blowing.


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                    You know, it's kinda hard to follow somebody's hands to figure out what they're doing when they're MOVING TO FAST FOR YOU TO FOLLOW! Now that I think about it, maybe they're not actually hands in a traditional sense; perhaps they are mostly composed of light, taking a form just solid enough to fret a note.

                    Wonderful stuff, man. Tasty as hell.


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                      thats a ****************ing insane, welcome Robbert.

                      Out of interest, how old are you?

                      that video really really smokes.



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                        Absolutely stunning, man!!!!!!!!!

                        I'm a tapping frak, so those tabs would be much appreciated!!
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                          ****************ing incredible. wow
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                            Originally posted by PuppetOfMasters
                            Not bad...

                            Not bad???? At least his clips are actually him unlike your little Sea Of Lies clip there. Screw "not bad"...he's VERY ****************in good
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                              sounded good to me.
                              been thinking about getting a Valvetronix...hope it sounds as good
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                                That tapping was incredible and those clips where all tasty as hell! Somebody said it earlier but BEST FIRST POST EVER!!
                                Its also great to hear that a great player like yourself can get a good live sound with the modler direct, although i bet you could plug into anything and rip!

                                If you get a chance to tab a bit of that tapping id love to have a look at how its done.