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    Originally posted by The Dog Boy
    Yes folks.....I think we have a winner......someone who finally puts to rest all that complete BULL**************** about the Tonelab not being good at high gain tones.......great tones.....great musicianship.....thanks mate!!!

    i wouldnt call his tones high gain... theyre really organic, woody, musical etc. etc.!

    robbert, welkom hier op hc, ik had je van te voren al kunnen vertellen dat je als god zou worden ontvangen, terecht natuurlijk!!!11 heel veel succes met je cd enzo.
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      Originally Posted by Aibric

      I've seen goatse so many times that it long ago lost its shock value. Now its kind of nostalgic. I see it and think of those bygone days when seeing a man spread his own anus impossibly wide disturbed me to the core.

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        Wow, that was simply amazing! Nice, effortless tapping! And very expressive too.
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          David: Good to see you here!

          Negative K3 Fan: Fun! Thanks bro!


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            Originally posted by Onethataps
            Wow, that was simply amazing! Nice, effortless tapping! And very expressive too.

            Hey. I have seen Your videos before... it seems like all the amazing guitarists have suddenly joined these forums
            Just saw that you have been a member of these forums a while.. just saw your low post count

            That was really cool stuff robbert. Cant wait to hear some more of your stuff.
            I really love the arps with taps. Its what i like to do a lot of too
            R.I.P. Dime

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            Originally posted by cobrahead1030
            i too took the strings off my guitar, and now i scrape at the pickups with my pick
            it's very...tom morello

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            Originally posted by IamOne
            The secret is to close your eyes and make what some people like to call "a porn face" whenever you bend a note.


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              Welcome Robert.. I had my guitar in my lap noodling around while I was on the net before I saw that clip.. It is now back in the case.. Don't know when it's coming back out. Maybe never.
              Disturbing... Yet strangely arousing.


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                Well, the only question I have is how you can channel vai, satch , malmsteen, and then throw in some D.gilmore with out bursting into a pillar of flames that would level your town and reach the heavens!

                Well done, I now feel completely inadequate, and strangely inspired at the same time. Thanks... I think?
                Originally Posted by tumbleweeed

                You want some more Jello, boy? Its made with Hooves!


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                  Holy cow, I think you have just sold me on the Tonelab.

                  Does the technique come with an add-on pack or anything?


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                    Originally posted by Robbert 01
                    THANKS GUYS!!! Glad you liked it!!

                    JPOM + The Dog Boy: Most of the drums are from a BT. I work recently with DFH at home. For my cd I'm working with a well known producer here and I'm very glad the drums can be recorded live.

                    What's "BT" and "DFH"?
                    Nobody carries the Dog Boy...


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                      Thanks a lot!!!

                      The Dog Boy:... BT: Backingtrack...DFH: Drums From Hell.


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                        Man, this is good/bad timing. I am going next weekend (maybe this one if I am lucky) to pickup some desktop preamp/modeller for the college dorm room and you have me both wanting to quit and dying for a stab at the Tonelab at once. Man I can only hope to get tone like that, I certainly don't have the chops.

                        Very nice playing. Thanks for sharing, and welcome to the boards, as you can see, I've spent far too much time here.
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                          That's really sweet playing... Thanks for sharing!

                          Also, Marcel is another of my favorite guitarists... I have his Guitar Talk CD. Really nice!
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                            Thanks guys!

                            AtarisPunk29: I also got the POD and PODxt but the Tonelab sounds more 'natural' to me. Still a matter of taste of course but definately worth trying!

                            atbear: Marcel is an awesome guitarist!


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                              Awesome playing man. I dig the tones, and you have great feel to go along with your sick chops.... cool stuff


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                                Finally got the video.
                                Excellent tapping, and the sweep tapping, man I didn't even consider that as an option. Quite a joy to listen to.

                                Thanks for the inspiration to try and better myself.
                                -The Stig