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    Originally posted by Kranak

    You have made quite the improvement above yesterday, congratulations.

    That's what life is all about, right?


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      Originally posted by HOWIE
      paulinUK- Thanks for the compliments....but playing fast is not necessarily important, its just that I grew up listening to fast guys so thats what I always wanted to do.

      Sorry Howie, should have phrased that a bit better! I was more impressed with the accuracy then the outright speed!!!

      I'm more of a rocker/blues guy so the ability to totally shred would be kinda wasted on me!!!
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        Its really not important to shred anymore anyway...keeps you from getting certain gigs sometimes. Just do what you like and are good at and people will appreciate you for that.


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          great speed & dexterity! Man, it sounds like you are playing a violin! killer chops.



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            I don't think it sounds like a violin, but it's certainly not like a guitar at all. It's really weird. Not just you Howie, but no one's tone sounds good. I can't believe the small room or camera would make it sound like that. Sounds a lot like that Boss delay/harmonizer pedal that makes your guitar sound like a video game. Very toyish.

            The playing on most all of them is teriffic.

            Especially the dude with worn in strat!


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              Originally posted by shredhead666
              Hahahaha, you guys ever hear John 5's clip on his website????

              One of my buddies (who happens to be an INCREDIBLE guitarist) told me he thought John 5 was pretty monstrous, and I couldn't help but laugh at him. I thought he was joking, because all I'd seen of John 5 was the Marilyn Manson stuff. Then I heard what he can REALLY do on his site and was like WTF??????????

              It's hilarious hearing a guy dressed in Goth clothes playing country chicken-picken stuff!

              He is pretty bad at it.
              I once saw him trying to pull that stuff off in front of a bunch of people, most were country players. And alot of them left laughing their asses off.
              I think he's one of the stiffest players I've ever heard.
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                Originally posted by HOWIE
                Cant tell if you guys liked what I did there or not but it was fun anyway! danyeo - I have always picked like that from when I started playing...not something I thought about or worked on, it was just what came naturally and comfortably. I have no tendinitis problems either (knock on wood). Here is an unreleased video outtake from my new DVD with Talisman:


                I am on the left side. It can be purchased here:


                and the cd version here:


                Thanks for letting me plug my crap!

                Wow. That was a great live clip.


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                  Some great players on that site.

                  Frank Gambale kicks ass!!!

                  Just my opinion. Speed alone does not impress me but couple that with ingenious harmonic ideas, like Gambale, and I am blown away.

                  Thanks for the link.


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                    I did not like the Gambale stuff there. He's a great player, but echhh, on some of those note choices.


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                      Originally posted by 69strat
                      I did not like the Gambale stuff there. He's a great player, but echhh, on some of those note choices.

                      The guy plays "out" a lot and if your ear is not used to this than it may be difficult to understand.

                      Listen to more jazz like Bird and after a while it begins to sink in.

                      Not for everyone but as a musician you owe it to yourself to understand this stuff.


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                        Those dino clips were impressive too. suprised me alot.


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                          Originally posted by Paul J. Edwards

                          The guy plays "out" a lot and if your ear is not used to this than it may be difficult to understand.

                          Listen to more jazz like Bird and after a while it begins to sink in.

                          Not for everyone but as a musician you owe it to yourself to understand this stuff.

                          I don't like his note choices. I love some guys who play out, but only a bit and use it like a spice. I've listened to LOTS of it and just never really liked it. Though I study some of the theory behind it, and even practice it a bit to know about it. In that video I don't like his note choices. I like some of his other stuff I've heard. He doesn't always play out.

                          I like lots of jazz but the guys that go real out a lot, is just not my thing. I prefer Robben Ford or Larry Carlton style. A little outside is good. But only a little.


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                            I was pretty impressed by John 5


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                              Originally posted by 69strat

                              At fast speeds it seems impossible to get away from using the arm though. I used to play all from the elbow and have some tendonitis issues. I hear ya on the wrist thing, I use the wrist a lot more now but still the elbow comes in at fast pace.

                              Well, not quite true. You can do a lot with your hand. Realize there are two wrist motions available to you: The "jerking off" up/down motion, and the rotational motion. Then, learn to use your thumb A LOT. Almost all my downstrokes are initiated by my thmb. Once the thumb is at the end of it's range, the rotational force in the wrist carries it through the string. For mucho fast gallops, it actually looks like I'm picking quarter notes. I hit both the upstroke, and the second downstroke with my thumb as the wrist is return back up from the first downstroke.

                              Realiz this analogy with your picking that I use to use when coaching discus. If you are in the back of a bus, and the bus is on an aircraft carrier, in the back, how are you going to reach max speed? The anser is that you get the slowest thing going first, so that at the moment it hits top speed, so are you running at your fastest, and the bus at full tilt. Your wrist is VERY fast, and uses little energy. Your elbow is less fast, and uses a lot of energy. It is also the longest lever, so the least accurate. Your fingers are slow, but very precise. So, if you are playing a run, you would be using your elbow only to reposition your wrist location as you go from string to string, fingers initiating strokes, while your wrist keeps a "high hat" like tempo back and forth.

                              I've had carpall tunnel, which thankfully only lasted for about two years (of virtually zero playing...literally months off), and have a bursitis like issue with my elbow/shoulder from doing shot put for years. I can still get the notes flowing using just my hands. I do have to use my mouse left handed though to further reduce the RSI demons.
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                                Hey DA, you should've read all of my response. I agree that the wrist is the way to do it. But there are many ways to play and I've studied and even changed my technique for years analyzing. Every one has good and bad points.

                                It's just that many of the wrist players do use the arm a lot more than they think. Watch the videos. As far as using the thumb/finger joints, it's usually referred to as "circle" picking, it's good for when you want to keep strings muted and not a lot of hand movement. I'm a proponent of wrist/fingers anyhow.

                                I still have to say the fastest is with the arm. Though I don't condone playing that way. Mclaughlin, Dimeola use it. Watch Chris Impelliteri he's about five times as fast as Michael angelo and all arm picking. but it doesn't sound good. lol.

                                BTW, there are more than two ways to use the wrist for picking. Think of the movement of a wave, then a knock, then rotation etc...