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  • Those are just all of Mega's other usernames! Just kidding, how's college treating you?
    my clips:

    My fingers, PRS and Taylor guitars, Budda, Fryette and Orange amps, Genz Benz cabs, Line6 effects and wireless, various dirt and fuzz boxes.


    • Order would be something like this:

      Mesa TriAxis/2:90
      MI Audio Blues Pro/THD Flexi-50
      Carvin Quad-X/2:90 (above the Kitty Hawk because I have a footswitch for it)
      Kitty Hawk Quattro/2:90
      Vox Valvetronix AD50VT
      Maxon OD-9/Fender Hod Rod Deluxe
      Guitars: Tumeni
      Amps: Tumeni

      Robotechnology's Sights & Sounds

      I was pulled over by the alternate picking police after being clocked at 15 NPS

      Fat Mr. Crab said it best: Speed = Emotion


      • My List...

        Rivera Quiana
        Mesa Boogie DC-10
        Marshall JMP 2203
        Marshall JCM 800
        Soldano ROS-50
        Peavey Classic 50
        Carvin X-100B
        Carvin X-60B
        Carvin Legacy
        Peavey 5150
        Marshall JCM 900
        Laney AOR
        MY Gear:
        Rivera Quiana 55W Combo w/ Celestion V30's
        Carvin DC 127 - KOA/Ebony
        1985 Alvarez Yairi DY-85
        American Fender Strat w/custom shop P/U's
        1982 TS-9


        • In order of random regurgitation:

          1) Messy Stool Rectum fryer
          2) Mesa Try-N-Access ..... marshall tone
          3) A Marsha JCM 900 (the wimpy marshall).
          4) and stuff
          When thy warm sweat should leave me cold,
          And my worn soul find out no bliss
          In the obscenities I kiss,
          And the things shameful that I hold.

          My nostrils sniff the luxury
          Of flesh decaying, bowels torn
          Of festive worms, like Venus, born
          Of entrails foaming like the sea.

          Yea, thou art dead. Thy buttocks now
          Are swan-soft, and thou sweatest not;
          And hast a strange desire begot
          In me, to lick thy bloody brow;

          To gnaw thy hollow cheeks, and pull
          Thy lustful tongue from out it's sheath;
          To wallow in the bowels of death,
          And rip thy belly, and fill full

          My hands with all putridities;
          To chew thy dainty testicles;
          To revel with the worms in Hell's
          Delight in such obscenities;

          To pour within thine heart the seed
          Mingled with poisonous discharge
          From a swollen gland, inflamed and large
          With gonorrhoea's delicious breed;

          To probe thy belly, and to drink
          The godless fluids, and the pool
          Of rank putrescence from the stool
          Thy hanged corpse gave, whose luscious stink

          Excites these songs sublime. The rod
          Gains new desire; dive, howl, cling, suck,
          Rave, shreik, and chew; excite the ****************,
          Hold me, I come! I'm dead! My God!

          -Mr Crowley (DA DA DAAAA)


          • 1. '77 Marshall JMP 2204 w/6550's
            2. '90 Marshall JCM 900 2500 mk III w/E34L's
            3. '68 Fender Silverface Bandmaster w/ original 6L6's
            4. '89 Laney AOR 50 w/EL34's
            5. '88 Randall RG80es - best SS amp ever.
            6. '01 Peavey XXX w/stock 6L6's - only for the Crunch ch.
            7. '00 Marshall 1987x - Should've got the 1959 for the headroom.
            ESP LTD Eclipse - EMG 81/85 -
            Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100
            Marshall 1922 2x12 - Vintage 30's -


            • 1. Fender Bassman 135
              2. Fender Princeton Chorus
              3. Peavey TNT 160
              4. Ibanez GT10DXA acoustic amp

              but i should mention, so far the PODxt live sounds better through the princeton chorus than through the bassman...and it sounds REALLY good...
              Fender Performer 1000
              Marshall JCM900 Cab

              Fender Deluxe Player's Stratocaster
              Custom homemade (by PedalPat) Wolfgang
              Carvin DC700m 7-string
              Ibanez AW50 Acoustic
              Parkwood PW 560 Acoustic

              POD x3 Live

              MAV (solo project)
              POD patches


              • Originally posted by junction28
                Here's my peavey dominant list:

                1. 5150
                2. Peavey Classic 100
                3. Marshall TSL 60
                4. Fender Bassman (Never shoulda sold it. Stupid, stupid, stupid)
                5. XXX
                6. Peavey Ultra 112 (awesome little amp)
                7. Peavey Classic 30 (Never should have sold this either)
                8. Mesa Single Recto head
                9. Peavey classic 50 (4x10)
                10. Sovtek Mig (very cool sounding head, but not versatile at all)
                11. Fender '65 twin reissue (absolute crap)
                12. Peavey transtube 212 EFX

                New purchase makes a new number 2...
                2. Marshall DSL 50
                bump everything else down.


                • badcat hot cat 100
                  soldano decatone
                  74 superlead 100
                  soldano slo 2002
                  fender vibro king with el84 reverb driver
                  jcm 800 -82
                  jcm 800 -83
                  vox ac 30 tb
                  fender blues jr w/jensen 12"
                  peavy bandit what??? i grew up on that ****************!~!!
                  my bands



                  • 1. ???? Haven't found that one yet!
                    2. Rivera Knucklehead Reverb EL34
                    3. Rivera M-60 1-12
                    4. Orange Rockerverb 100
                    5. Sunn Concert Lead +DS-1
                    6. Marshall JCM900 Dual Reverb
                    7.Crate VC30
                    8. Ampeg VL502 Lee Jackson
                    9. Fender Twin RI
                    10. Mesa Poopie Dual Reck

                    This thread just goes to show how much somebodies word is worth. It all depends on style (except #10 on my list - how the hell can anyone like these things
                    "When Death comes knocking I will open the door, kick him in the balls, and walk into Hell on my own." ~AFG

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                    My Youtube Page


                    • originally posted by Sordid1
                      Those are just all of Mega's other usernames! Just kidding, how's college treating you?

                      Haha! It's going well I suppose. The two kids who live across the hall from me both just started learning guitar, so I'm teaching them some stuff and getting them into metal. Brings back memories of when I first started playing and my friends all taught me riffs and techniques. Fun times.


                      • 1. ENGL Fireball
                        2. Splawn Marshall JCM 600 2203X
                        3. Peavey Triple-XXX Combo
                        4. LINE 6 HD-147 Head
                        5. TECH 21 PSA-1 rackmount
                        6. Laney Iommi Head
                        7. Johnson JM-60 Combo
                        8. Crate 1x12 Combo
                        9. Fender M-80 Combo
                        10. Marshall AVT combo
                        11. Marshall Valvestate Head
                        12. BOSS 2x5? tiny combo
                        13. Gorilla practice amp
                        14. LINE 6 Flextone II
                        "Lol, how many amps are you gonna blow through before you collapse in a pool of your own semen?" - thinkpad20

                        "Mark my words...I will NOT sell my next Cobra. Put this in your sig and smoke it.....
                        " - Dimebag11, 14 Dec 2007

                        Awesome pedals from an old high school bud:

                        My other high school bud's band:


                        • 1. Marshall '78 JMP Voodoo Hex mod
                          2. 2000' Dual Recto, 2 channel
                          3. Marshall JMP-1
                          4. Peavey Bandit 112 70w

                          the Peavey lasted me 12 years. The JMP lasted 1 month, Dual recto 5 years and the Hex will last until I die.


                          • -Marshall DSL50 yes its this high on my list.
                            -Budda Superdrive 30
                            -1972 Marshall 50w JMP
                            -Badcat Hotcat 30 1x12 (didn't keep i long enough or I'm sure it would've been higher)
                            -Egnater TOL50
                            -Marshall JCM900 HiGain Dual Revrb (EL34s)
                            -Silverface Bassman 50 head
                            -Sovtek Mig50H "Tube Midget"
                            -Sovtek Mig100
                            I'm as firm as red clay
                            I'm as constant as drankin'...
                            I'm constantly drankin'


                            • 97- 101b
                              02- uber
                              97- dual rec
                              99- chieftan210
                              05- cube 30
                              96- 5150
                              96- 5150(had 2)
                              97- korg pandora 2
                              95- randall 1x12 combo
                              05- pod xt live
                              94- peavey blazer with 8" speaker
                              95- marshall stack that you wear on your belt
                              Fryette DEATH SQUAD - Founder/Ceo
                              Super Sexy Splawn Society - Founder/Vice Pres./Creator of the Racing Stripes

                              MESA/BOOGIE MOB

                              HCAF Strength & Conditioning Coach

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                              • Well...

                                I've only actually owned five amps I guess, does that get you kicked of here or something? I've played tons more, and been in bands with lots of different amps etc. but still only owned 5. The 4 if you consider the XTC is really just one amp, I had the 101b and then got the Classic "mod" which is the same as a stock Classic.

                                1. Bogner XTC Classic
                                2. Bogner XTC 101b
                                3. Mesa Heartbreaker
                                4. Fender Super Champ
                                5. Marshall JCM 900 4102