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    1. traynor YCV40. current amp, first tube amp. will be matched with a marshall cab someday
    2. fender deluxe 112+. this amp had no midrange. just treble. so the gain was "oh god, who turned 6 mutant chainsaws against eachother in a pit!?". the cleans were nice and it sounded decent using the middle pickups
    3. fender bronco solid state. not too bad for a first amp. it's degraded with age, however. or i've simply developed better ears
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      1. Diezel VH4
      2. Marshall JCM 800 2203
      3. Marshall TSL100
      4. Peavey 5150
      5. Marshall JCM 800 2210
      6. Peavey Classic 410
      7. Marshall 6100LM


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        Bogner Shiva (EL34's) greatest sounding all around Cln-Dist

        Soldano SLO (6L6's) Great Lead tone, hi-fi clean.

        Bogner XTC-Classic (EL34's) Very good all around tones.

        VHT Pittbull Classic (EL34's) good amp, average.

        Marshall 1959slp (Arrendondo Modified) Great at one thing, solos.


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          1. Vox Valvetronix AD50VT
          2. Fender Vibro Champ
          3. Marshall MG10CD

          I have no money to buy amplifiers, be nice.

          - MikeyE


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            1) Two-Rock Custom Reverb: this thing rocked. A hell of a lot more versatile than I was expecting. I still have it)
            2)JCM800 2203/2204: We all know why these rock.
            3)Fender Deluxe Reverb: I've owned like 5 of these at various times. Awesome awesome awesome amps.
            4)Framus Dragon: Searing marshall sound on the high gain channels, good cleans.

            ...and in last place my Judybox Electrogasm. Not because it didn't sound good. On the contrary, it was a freaking awesome amp. I put this amp in last place because the maker made me look really bad due to me recommending his amps only to have other customers of his face long long wait times, complete lack of communication (some are still waiting to hear back from him a year later), and other problems. I understand Al was/is really really sick and had some bad breaks, but I feel he should have had someone at least keep in contact with the customers. He granted refunds to everyone, but not until sooo much later. Cool amp, zero business sense.


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              1.Diezel Herbert MK2.5
              1b. Bogner XTC
              2. Rivera knucklehead (old model)
              3. VHT 50/st
              4. Marshall DSL100
              5. Dr. Z Carmen Ghia
              6. Rivera Bonehead
              7. Fender Silverface Vibrosonic (I think...180 watt 1x15 all tube beast)
              8. Marshall JCM900
              9. Univalve
              My Makoplex clips here:


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                1. Engl Blackmore
                2. JerryP Modded Peavey 5150
                3. Stock Peavey 5150
                4. Ampeg VH-150
                5. Peavey 5150 212 Combo
                6. Line 6 Spider 212
                7. Marshall MG250DFX
                8. Behringer VMX 212
                9. Marshall MG15CD
                10. Randall RG100SC


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                  1) Mesa Boogie Mark IV Short Head
                  2) Mesa Boogie 2 Channel Triple Rectifier Head
                  3) Mesa Boogie Trem-o-verb Head
                  4) Engl Savage 120 Head
                  5) Engl Screamer 50 Head
                  6) Mesa Boogie 3 Channel Dual Rectifier Head
                  7) Marshall JCM 600 Head


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                    Engl Savage 120
                    Engl Richie Blackmore
                    Engl Powerball
                    Bogner Uberschall
                    Framus Cobra
                    Diezel Vh4
                    H&K triamp mk1
                    Vht ultralead
                    Mesa 3 channel dual recto
                    Mesa Mark 4 short head
                    (this list could get really long but thats the top ones in order so far)
                    currently in "Memphis Witch"...formerly of "He Is Legend"

                    Current Band:

                    Current Gear:
                    Orange Rockerverb 50

                    Marshall 1960B 4x12 cab

                    Mesa Boogie 4x12 trad recto cab

                    Esp ec400at goldtop

                    USA Gibson Explorer


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                      1. Marshall JTM 45 RI
                      2. Vox AC15TBR
                      3. '62 Brownface Fender Concert 4x10
                      4. '71 Marshall Major
                      5. Laney AOR 100 Pro Tube Lead
                      6. Musicman RD112 One hundred
                      7. POD XT>MosValve 962


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                        I'll probably miss a few but here goes

                        1) Toss up between Wizard Metal or Modern Classic. Since I just got modern Classic today it'll be awhile before I know which is one and two
                        2) VHT UL
                        3) Modded '69 Plexi 100
                        4) Orange OR120 w/ pedals
                        5) Modded '69 Superlead
                        6) Block letter 5150 w/ Sylvania 6L6's
                        7) JC120 combo (nice clean tones)
                        8) Peavey JSX

                        Worst amps:
                        1) Bogner Uber
                        2) Mesa Mark IIC+
                        3) Bogner XTC
                        4) Bedrock BC75
                        My Bands


                        Judas Rising Judas Priest tribute band

                        Jaded Modern Rock cover band

                        Guitar Ranch My store......carrying FRYETTE and WIZARD amps along with lots of other cool stuff.....


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                          Mesa Mark III
                          Egnater TOL-50
                          Soldano SP77 > Mesa 20/20
                          Marshall DSL-50
                          ADA MP-1 > Mesa 20/20
                          Mesa Rectoverb
                          JMP-1 > Mesa 20/20
                          POD PRO > Mesa 20/20
                          1989 Peavey Bandit


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                            70s Fender Champ
                            Fender Sidekick Channel switcher combo
                            *70s Fender Champ w/self installed Soldano preamp
                            Fender Champ *voodoo witchdoctor mod
                            '68 Fender Princeton Reverb
                            70s Princeton Reverb
                            '58 Fender Princeton
                            Budda Superdrive 18
                            Marshall JCM800 2203
                            Marshall JCM800 2205
                            Marshall JCM800 2210
                            Marshall JCM800 2203 *voodoo amps modded
                            Marshall Silver Jubilee 50 watt
                            Marshall JCM900 high gain dual reverb
                            Marshall '78 JMP 50 watt
                            Marshall JMP1 preamp
                            Marshall Valvestate 8100 head
                            Marshall 100 watt mosfet head
                            Marshall 50 watt solid state combo
                            Marshall late 60s 100 watt plexi
                            *Marshall 18 watt self built head
                            *Matchless Spitfire self built head
                            *Self built custom SE medium gain head
                            *Self built hotrodded tweed princeton head
                            *trainwreck clone (still in progress) self building
                            Mesa Boogie Dual rectifier chrome chassis very early model
                            Mesa Boogie Mark III
                            Mesa Boogie .50 EL84
                            Mesa Boogie .50 EL84
                            Mesa Boogie .22+combo
                            Mesa Boogie .22+combo
                            Mesa Boogie studio preamp w/factory mods
                            Mesa Boogie Quad
                            Mesa Boogie single rectifier
                            *Mesa Boogie rackmount Dual rectifier
                            Mesa boogie 50/50
                            Egnater TOL 100
                            Soldano HR50+ XL w/depth mod (self installed)
                            THD Univalve
                            Yamaha/Soldano T100
                            *Line 6 Vetta (upgraded to II firmware)
                            Kitty Hawk Quattro
                            Gretsch tube practice amp w/tremolo
                            Silvertone tube amp that fit inside the cab
                            Holmes tech solid state amp
                            Peavey 5150 block letter head
                            Peavey VTM120
                            Peavey Heritage VTX130 combo
                            Peavey rage practice amp
                            Crate 130watt solid state head
                            Crate practice amp
                            Rivera TBR1 rackmount

                            To be honest, each amp did at least one thing pretty well, except for the Yamaha T100 - THE biggest piece of **************** I ever owned in my life. I think I had a lemon, a lot of guys love theirs. I preferred the Marshall Mosfet head over the T100 by a LONG SHOT. How bad does an amp have to be to be set aside for a Marshall Mosfet?

                            SPAM SIG:

                            Jackson JX3 Stereo tube preamp. Two channels with a footsiwtchable 'shred' boost. $149 plus ship. Uses 2 12ax7s and does 80s guitar tones well.


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                              ENGL Powerball
                              Marshall TSL
                              Marshall AVT
                              DOD G112
                              Drive CD20R
                              Why does Mesa hate Australia?


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                                1) ENGL Fireball
                                2) Peavey 5150
                                3) Mesa/Boogie Single Rectifier w/KT88's
                                4) Marshall DSL50
                                5) Randall RH200 G2
                                6) Marshall VS-100R combo amp
                                7) Crate GFX-212
                                8) Randall RG100

                                Damn...I've had a lot of amps....and to think I want to add another amp to my collection....
                                Splawn Cabinets