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  • Diezel
    Mesa IV
    Mesa trple rec
    6505 combo - wait, it's my only amp besides 15W practice amp!
    Ibanez SZ520QM with EMG 81/85
    Jackson Warrior
    Jackson DKMGT EMG HZs C tuning
    Peavey 6505 Combo 60W 2X12

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    • I have owned many, but I will only mention one.

      Mesa-Boogie MarkIII Red-Stripe Simul Class........... nuf said.........


      • Not to many to list but here we go

        1- Marshall TSL 100

        2- Peavey 5150

        3 - Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

        4 - Laney GH100 Tony Iommi


        • Originally posted by AmpliFIRE
          GREAT TOPIC!

          1) Orange Rockerverb 100
          2) Engl Powerball
          3) Mesa MKIII Blue Stripe
          4) Rivera KHII
          5) Mesa TOV head (1st one)
          6) Voodoo moded Carvin x100B
          7) 5150
          8) JCM 800 2203
          9) Mesa TOV head (2nd one)
          10) Valvetronix 60 watt combo
          11) Carvin MTS

          The rest aren't worth mentioning either.

          I've since gotten my Quickrod and MKIIC+. Both amps go directly to the top of this list, with the Quickrod edging out the IIC+ by a nose. I've owned some other amps since this list as well (H&K Triamp MKII, 92' Recto, Rocca HG100, Mako Custom 100.) Here's my updated list:

          1) Splawn Quickrod
          2) Mesa MKIIC+ short head
          3) Orange Rockerverb 100
          4) Engl Powerball
          5) Mesa MKIII Blue Stripe
          6) Rivera KHII
          7) Rocca HG100
          8) 92' Dual Recto
          9) Mesa TOV head (1st one)
          10) JCM 800 2203
          11) Voodoo moded Carvin x100B
          12) Mako Custom 100
          13 H&K Triamp MKII
          14) 5150
          15) Mesa TOV head (2nd one)
          16) Valvetronix 60 watt combo
          17) Carvin MTS


          • 1. Mesa Rect-o-verb
            2. Peavey 5150
            3. Marshall JCM900 MKIII
            4. Marshall GCD100R
            5. Fender Frontman15g
            ESP Edwards E-K-100GA
            ESP Edwards E-HR-115D
            ESP LTD VB-200
            Gibson Les Paul Gothic II
            Gibson Les Paul Tribute 60 Gold top P90
            Fender American Deluxe 60th Anniversary Sienna Burst
            Epiphone F-130
            OLP MM3

            Mesa Boogie Recto-verb
            Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier
            Mesa Boogie Rectifier Cab 4x12"
            Yorkville XS400H
            Ampeg 4x10"

            Line 6 M13
            Boss VF-1
            Rocktron Multivalve
            Rocktron Midimate
            Rocktron Hex
            Korg DTR-1000
            ART PS4x4
            Digitech Bad Monkey


            • Originally posted by Megadeth7684
              1. Engl Blackmore
              2. JerryP Modded Peavey 5150
              3. Stock Peavey 5150
              4. Ampeg VH-150
              5. Peavey 5150 212 Combo
              6. Line 6 Spider 212
              7. Marshall MG250DFX
              8. Behringer VMX 212
              9. Marshall MG15CD
              10. Randall RG100SC

              Here's an update of my list...

              1. Peavey 5150 (stock, block letter)
              2. Engl Blackmore
              3. Peavey 5150 (JerryP Modded)
              4. Madison Divinity
              5. Engl Powerball
              6. Peavey 5150 combo
              7. Peavey Supreme 160
              8. Ampeg VH-150
              9. Marshall Valvestate 8100
              10. Line 6 Spider 212
              11. Marshall MG250DFX
              12. Behringer VMX 212
              13. Marshall MG15CD
              14. Randall RG200SC


              • Originally posted by LnTh
                All heads, no combos:

                1) 2 ch. Triple Recto
                2) Tremoverb
                3) Engl Screamer
                4) Marshall JCM 600

                umm.. thats all

                Wow.. this is old huh?

                Here's the new list. Im pretty glad with my consistency though.
                All of em are heads.
                1) Mark IV
                2) 2 ch. Triple Recto
                3) 2 ch. Dual Recto
                4) Tremoverb
                5) 3 ch. Triple Recto
                6) 3 ch. Dual Recto
                7) Laney GH50L
                8) Engl Savage 120
                9) Engl Screamer 50
                10) Marshall JCM 600

                Basically all the stuff i bought after my previous list other than the Mark IV was for profit. I bought/sold/made some money for school Mark IV was a keeper at first sight though (Thanks again to brother Taco2004!)


                • 63 Fender Deluxe
                  72 Sunn Model T
                  67 Fender Bandmaster
                  73 Marshall jmp 50
                  77 Music Man rd 50
                  88 Peavey Classic 60/60
                  mid 90s Crate Stealth
                  71 Acoustic 135
                  R I P Leopardstar

                  Originally Posted by jjpistols
                  yeah it's funny to watch internet idiots talk **************** knowing they've never accomplished a ****************in thing musically


                  • Crate blue voodoo 1x12
                    jcm900 SLX (pretty damn ****************ty)
                    peavey XXL (actually pretty decent sounding)
                    Marshall TSL
                    and now...i have my Cobra

                    and soon will have: VHT Ultra lead and and Engl Invader
                    VHT Sig:X FOR SALE 1600 OBO
                    Framus Cobra Cab FOR SALE 500 OBO

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                    my band

                    Originally Posted by ThisIsExile



                    • Originally posted by Evan666
                      Engl Invader

                      September is a long wait.


                      • Originally posted by DonaldDemon
                        1. ???? Haven't found that one yet!
                        2. Rivera Knucklehead Reverb EL34
                        3. Rivera M-60 1-12
                        4. Orange Rockerverb 100
                        5. Sunn Concert Lead +DS-1
                        6. Marshall JCM900 Dual Reverb
                        7.Crate VC30
                        8. Ampeg VL502 Lee Jackson
                        9. Fender Twin RI
                        10. Mesa Poopie Dual Reck

                        This thread just goes to show how much somebodies word is worth. It all depends on style (except #10 on my list - how the hell can anyone like these things

                        Updated: I found my #1 = Splawn Pro Mod!!
                        "When Death comes knocking I will open the door, kick him in the balls, and walk into Hell on my own." ~AFG

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                        • Peavey 5150 MK I
                          Peavey 5150 MK II (modded)
                          Bogner Uberschall
                          Diezel Herbert
                          ENGL Powerball (2 of them
                          Hughes & Kettner T-Warp
                          Line 6 HD 147

                          I own the HD147 for 6 months and still not GASSING after another amp
                          Line 6 HD 147
                          Diezel cab (V30's)
                          ESP LTD M1000


                          • Fender Champ amp when I was 9. I loved it I give it a 7 out of 10.

                            Fender Bassman 10 used for guitar years later. 8 out of 10

                            Fender Twin reverb 9 out of 10 loved the cleans and reverb

                            Peavy Bandit 2 x 12 5 out of 10 as I picked it up and really didn't like it much

                            Vox Ad120VTX 7 out of 10 only because it broke. Sound I give it a 9 out of 10. I really liked this amp and wish in some ways I still had it. I miss it from tiime to time.

                            Fender Twin amp 9 out of 10 improved cleans from my Twin reverb and it has a drive channel for classic rock. If it had a Metal Drive tone it would have gottin a 10 out of 10 and I would still own it. I loved this amp otherwise.

                            Krank Revolution 1 2 x 12 combo 9 out 10 my current amp and I l really love it. The only thing so far I don't care for is the dark tone on the cleans. I wish they had a sweep contol for this channel as well as I like my Fender cleans better. I'm used to fender clean and to me nothing made is better for clean. The drive channel makes up for it. The cleans I can live with as it is clean just dark.



                            • 1. Splawn Quick Rod - Currently my fave amp, don't see that changing anytime soon as I'm gassing for the Competition as a backup. (own)

                              2. 5150 - Played them religously from when they first came out for over a decade. Had two. One of the best High Gain lead and Rythym tones period. One trick pony but does that well. (will own another again)

                              3. VHT UL - got stupid and sold it, wanted another ever since.

                              4. Marshall 2204 50Watt MkII - w/ a DOD250 or Boss SD-1 slamming the front, was my tone for most of the mid to late 80's. Again, got stupid and sold it during the rack craze. Had 6550's. Almost went this route again but got the QR.

                              5. JSX - A good all around amp. (own)

                              6. Laney GH50L - A great little amp...w/ some tweaking this was a bad little animal. Wish I still had it.

                              7. Engl Powerball - Amazing sounding amp at low levels...just never cut it for me in a band mix and I tried everything. Still loved it though, hated to see it go.

                              8. 5150II - Liked the original better, w/ Jerry P mods, your good to go.

                              9. Soldano SLO100 - Great amp obviously and pretty much kick started the whole High gain is without question. Never could get used to it though. Sold it.

                              10. Boogie Dual Rectifier - Tried and tried. Was never for me. Some people make these amps sound amazing, I can't.

                              11. Marshall 100Wt MkII - This was a non-master volume. One of my first amps but was always a backup to my 2204.

                              12. Framus Cobra - Huge low end, over all was too stiff feeling for me.

                              13. Rocktron Vendetta - This amp had some awesome possibilities but never really delivered for me, I'm sure some would love it though.

                              Pre-amps and Power Amps are a whole other ballgame.


                              • 1. Sovtek Mig 100
                                2. Orange Rocker 30
                                3. Fender 67 Bassman
                                4. Sears 200xl head
                                5. Gibson GSS100