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Saw SOAD and Mars Volta last night


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  • Saw SOAD and Mars Volta last night

    OK, first off Mars Volta. Am I missing something here ? Frontman doing Mick Jagger meets James Brown stage moves but sounds like a tortured chick. Every song turned into a really bad out-of-tune Carlos Santana influenced guitar solo. Yech - was painful to see/hear. Orange amps and cabs and some of the lead sounds were pretty good. But the playing was NOT.

    SOAD - Not bad but not great. Serge looked and acted like a deer in the headlights for at least the first half. Daron's sound was a bit grating at first but got better over time (eq'ing ? warmer tubes ? My ears ? dunno). Marshall cabs but couldn't make out amps. looked like 2 2x12's were mic'd as well on top of the Marshall's (grey - couldn't see any markings). Played white SG 90% of the concert and a red SG for the rest.

    All in all a B- or C+ ....
    Toyz- a bunch of really cool ****************.

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    Toyz- a bunch of really cool ****************.


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      Im pretty sure he plays a modded JMP 100... read that somewhere
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        darons live tone is pretty crappy imo
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          I think he played /13 amps on SNL.


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            IMO Mars Volta is one of the most overrated bands around.
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              Originally posted by Japetus
              IMO Mars Volta is one of the most overrated bands around.

              I would say that yes right now they are, however thier first album was killer IMO. The latest album bores me to sleep.

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                i got tickets to the show in detriot.
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                  I couldn't wait for Mars Volta to be done. just ****************in' horrible.
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                    I like The Mars Volta. That's cool that you don't like em tho, different strokes for different folks I guess.
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                      i thought he played mode4 stuff, oh well.
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                        dunno - couldn't see any of the amps. Just the cabs.
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                          He used to use Mode4. He's using marshall jmp, something or another, and divided by 13 these days.


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                            I saw Mars Volta open for A Perfect Circle a while back.

                            Now I had heard some Mars Volta and was sort of into it, but hearing them play live....oh boy, that was bad. That singer certainly has some energy, but that's pretty much it. Really, really irritating set - couldn't wait for them to finish. But go figure, I kinda like their albums.


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                              I'm kinda the opposite of you guys, I had heard some recorded mars volta stuff and wasn't impressed, and kept hoping they'd be another at the drive in, but I got a copy of their live dvd and it blew me away... it was just a wonderfully original, interesting, and intense set. maybe they're really playing off on this tour but the live disc I have I love.
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