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I believe and support a lot of the teachings of Jesus


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    Originally posted by tlester

    Not me at all... No drugs, I didn't drink, I didn't knock up a bunch of girls... nothing. I was in 5th grade. I had been going to Church... not because I really wanted to, but because my family was going. I was ready my Bible and it just made since to me.

    Just like someone else said above... Go and try to disprove the Bible. Major figures who have, including Darwin, became a beliver (saved) after this test.


    Well... there you have it... a "fundementalist lifestyle". You were reading the bible and regularly attending church. Nothing wrong with that, but it certainly explains your indoctrination to christian faith.

    The Bible isn't a history textbook... it's a collection of stories. To some it's a living document.... it's all in what you believe. Stories over the years interpreted by man (Old Testament, New Testament, King James, New International). You either believe in the stories and what to base your life around the teachings or you don't. I believe in factual things people tend to say.... (The earth is round, the sky is blue, San Francisico is along the Pacific ocean) however sometimes I have a hard time believing statements with no factual basis.... aliens taught the Eygptians, shipbuilding, Kennedy assasination was part of a gov't conspiracy, "Go and try to disprove the Bible. Major figures who have, including Darwin, became a beliver (saved) after this test."
    so over this signature BS!!!


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      Originally posted by Mesaholic

      Then perhaps I have misunderstood you, although since you were not there you cannot "know" that the literal story is a myth. I, too, BELIEVE (contrasted with "know") that much of the Bible is metaphorical, but I also believe much (especially the New Testament) is literal. I don't take things personally unless someone says (essentially) I am foolish/crazy/stupid/(pick another adjective) for believing in God, which I (apparently wrongfully) took from some of your posts.

      You misunderstand faith and God in general if you think the only way to believe is to take the New Testament literally.

      Only your interpretation is the correct one?
      Sorry, that's BULL****************! Also quite UN-original.

      Literal belief came after the fact, if there were any facts to it all.

      I was not there, and also was not there for any of the other Messiah-type mythologies' beginnings. I don't take those literally either.

      I'm against that belief-structure, not the people suffering from it.

      They deserve mercy. They have my pity. They are adult children.



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        Good God Doug!!!

        That's horrible.

        God is a scientific fact.

        CHAO AB ORDO


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          Originally posted by draelyc

          I don't believe for a second that this is the real gdwill2u. Obviously, someone has hacked his account and is creating false posts. We should notify the moderators immediately regarding this blatant security breach.

          CHAO AB ORDO


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            Originally posted by chuckgp



            You know, that's the one time I wish I weren't on his ignore list, because what he posted there is a direct contradiction of EVERYTHING he hever said to me, and I think it would be appropriate for someone to call his attention to that fact.

            But I've got to quit expecting grown-folks to act like adults. Gnome sane?

            Metaphors be with you,
            Originally Posted by nightflameauto

            You'd think the guy that argues faith as logic would let us all believe in the unicorn.

            Originally Posted by draelyc

            None of you understand. I'm not locked up in here posting to you. You're locked up in here posting to me.

            Originally Posted by LoopQuantum

            I'm helping you, for the future. This way, instead of humping life's doorknobs, you'll perhaps someday open one.

            Originally Posted by nightflameauto

            Hardvalve is like Nelo without the class or intelligence.
            Think about that and try not to get an aneurysm from it.



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              Originally posted by tlester

              In the words of Sponge Bob Square Pants, "Well... good luck with that!"

              Well I find it an entire nation is being lead around by the teachings of a Rabbi...( most .not all catholics..seem to miss that point.)..

              Ill go with nature...


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                Originally posted by gdwill2u

                I am commanded by my Lord to go into all the world and preach the gospel.

                Clips! Im easy... either video or audio will be fine.



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                  That's nice, but why do you feel the need to tell HCAF?
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                  Originally Posted by NICE47

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                    Originally posted by gdwill2u

                    I am commanded by my Lord to go into all the world and preach the gospel.

                    why? i don't see buddhists on the corner peddling their beliefs. if someone doesn't follow your path to enlightenment, who cares? its because religion is a business, and you need more followers to fund the cause.

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                    • I believe and support the idea that people shouldn't tell their beliefs. Mainly because I don't give a ****************.


                      • Originally posted by tlester

                        As for the statement above about not taking ownership of your actions. The Bible is all about taking ownership of our actions. That's precisely why Jeus had to come and die for our sins. WE ARE ROYAL SCREW UPS! We have free will to screw up and we do... often. We are the only one to blame for that.

                        God, however, is perfect. He cannot accept sin into his presence. That's why Jesus was crucified. He died for our sins. He now "vouches" for us in front of the Father (God).


                        Soooo.... God creates screw-ups who he can't stand and gets some guy to "off" himself in order that we may seem more palatable to him.


                        • I support his teachings... especially the part where he told his followers to build stuff like this....

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                          • Originally posted by Roccaforte Amps
                            No, don't get me wrong, I have no problem with this thread.
                            I had to go to Catholic school when I was young, this is when
                            the Nuns used to beat children with steel rulers,
                            their hands and just about anything they could get their
                            hands on. So, basically, I had the Catholic religion beat into me.
                            It was very bad. Years later, ST.Hillary's church in Montibello CA
                            got busted for breaking a childs fingers. Everyone split the school the next day. It was on the news, and paper. I was about fifteen and was very happy to see that church finally get stopped.
                            It was real bad.
                            I don't think anyone young or old should have to be forced,spammed,
                            or have anyone knock on their door pushing religion.
                            You should be able to make your own choices without any coaching what so ever.
                            Do I believe in God? I believe in scientific facts.

                            I'm sorry you had such an upbringing. It was routine to paddle kids as a form of discipline in my public school as well. However, I still believe in education. You have to draw a distinction between the concept and the application of the concept by imperfect beings. And, I still don't understand what your response has to do with your original statement.

                            PS Science isn't perfect, either. It's not uncommon for scientific "facts" to be proved wrong by subsequent science because the original techniques, theories or methodologies were flawed.


                            • Confucius, roughly 400 years before the supposed birth of Jesus:

                              "Do not to others what you do not want done to yourself"

                              I think the teachings of Jesus as they are presented in the New Testament represent the absolute highest principles of human nature, but these moral principles existed in "heathen" cultures long before Jesus' time.


                              • Originally posted by JKD
                                That's nice, but why do you feel the need to tell HCAF?

                                I would have told the Harmony-Central Religious Forum, but there isn't one yet...

                                I mainly was trying to see others stance on religion. That aint a sin is it?

                                Tequila_titan:I believe and support the idea that people shouldn't tell their beliefs. Mainly because I don't give a ****************.

                                Wow, that's one of the wonders of living in America, you've got the freedom to believe whatever you want, and you can voice your oppinion. Feels good to flex your rights, don't it?