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Diezel Einstein Is In Da House!!!!!


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  • Diezel Einstein Is In Da House!!!!!

    i'm a happy man..can't you tell???
    the Einstein arrived about 20 mins ago...
    of course i tore everything up and plugged it in immediatelly..
    i can't begin to tell you how wonderful this amp is...
    god..i missed that screaming top end and that smooth and full of sustain tone...
    a full reveiw with the clips and everything will follow once i get to play this a bit more...
    but by first impressions its even better than i remembered it from the Messe...

    -channel 1..mode 1.. clean
    just i've heared from a Diezel...sparkly,bright and punchy...

    -channel 1..mode 2...crunch
    i'm not a really big fan of crunch channels..usually they tend to be very weak sounding to me...
    i usually get my crunch tones by lowering a heavy drive channel...
    but this one is sure a big comes directly to the tone i would like by lowering the gain usually..and its punchy as hell..excellent...

    -channel 1..mode 3..Drive
    well this is actually the trademark Diezel tone that makes him so special..
    the truth is that i remembered this a bit more soft..but as Olaf told me Pete tweaked this a bit now..and this comes to the trademark tone of the VH4's 3rd channel...and this is my dream rhythm tone...and the reason i had 2 VH4s in the past...
    huge bottom,bite, and in one word...BALLS!

    -channel 2...Drive
    well this is a huge improvement for Mr Diezel..i always loved all his tones on the VH4 and especially the rhythm ones...also the solo tone of the 4th channel on the VH4...but there was something missing there IMO...and this is way close to my liking..
    the tone is slightly more compressed here..that sounds amazingly well for solos..but a little more open than the VH4s 4th channel...also more fat sounding...and thats a big difference...sustain for days..
    of course it would do modern rhythms perfectly as well...

    so in overall i'm more pleased than i would expect to be...
    this amp would cover almost everything for me...
    metal tones to classic rock stuff easily...
    DO NOT make the mistake and think that because this amp is cheaper it will be a compromize toy...this is the real deal..
    and the only thing i see is improvements to the tones on all previous Diezels...
    the cost comes down only because of the less features like midi,seperate eqs,inserts etc...
    but for me this is the best Diezel yet...

    one last thing i forgot to mention is the loop...
    it works and sounds amazingly well..

    so take care everybody..
    i will return with clips and vids soon...
    gotta go play now...
    For the dictionary guys,once again...**************** OFF!!!!!! i'm Greek...

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    Congrats for the amp, Alex!
    Can't wait for the clips/videos
    One day I'll be owning a Diezel amp, that's for sure



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      very cool Alex, I've been waiting for the last few days waiting for you to get that amp too
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        Excellent, Alex!!
        Knut E

        I used to be called "ke2" around these parts

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          so you finally got your hands on it eh?

          Looking forward to the clips dude, enjoy it.


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            And welcome to the club. Can't wait for your clips.

            Nice review, I can agree with everything you said! Although I don't have experience with the VH-4, I preferred the Einstein lead sounds a bit over the Herbert at AF. Crunch Sounds were pretty similar. Of course the Herbert offers more versatility, meaner metal tones and that incredibly huge clean. But the Einstein is sweeter.

            I think you're correct about the difference between Olaf's prototype and the serial model. Esp. the clean and the third mode have IMO improved on the serial model. Also I have a feeling the second channel sounds better at lower gain settings (under 10 o'clock)?! Maybe Peter can explain better if he comes by.


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              Congrats Alex

              Have fun!!
              Diezel Einstein
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                Congrats man, the Einstein indeed is a great amp, def. my fav Diezel.
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                  thanks guys...
                  i think that everybody in a radius of 3 blocks can hear the Einstein right now....
                  that thing roars when cranked up...
                  For the dictionary guys,once again...**************** OFF!!!!!! i'm Greek...



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                    Congrats bro!!! I am looking forward to hear your new baby~!

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                      Glad your loving your new toy mate, i cant wait for the clips
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                        It must sound amazing. How much does it cost ? Is the 50 watt version much cheaper ?
                        I really hope they have some diezels at the yearly music show that happens near me.

                        CLIPS now please.... you cant just tell us how amazing it is and then make us and then make us wait
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                        it's very...tom morello

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                          It would be really really nice if you make a video like marcseal did playing with the herbert, it was very nice and also very very interesting for that of us who nowadays can't take the chance to play it cause it isn't imported to our citys.

                          A demostration playing different rythmic riffs, solos and tweaking between the channels and modes would be really nice

                          Enjoy the amp, if it sounds like i think mmmh it can be a great beast


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                              Congrats on the new amp Looking forward to pics and clips