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Bought a Reverend Kingsnake Head


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  • Bought a Reverend Kingsnake Head

    I've wanted one of their amps since I found out a guitarist from the wrens uses them. Since they're getting out of the amp business, I had to drain my savings account to scrape up the cash. They increased the build time to 5-8 weeks. So I have that much time to buy a cab. Anybody else order a Reverend amp before they're gone?

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    I have one of the first reverend hellhounds that was sold. I've been a big fan of reverend amps forever, they don't get nearly the credit they deserve, and its a shame they are going out of the amp buisness. I'm tempted to get a kingsnake and a goblin just to have them.
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      Ya, I'm itchin' for a Kingsnake head... happy Hellhound owner for 2 years now. Awesome amps!


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        I have been wanting to try out a Kingsnake head for a long time. When you get it, post clips and pics!!!
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          Damn, that kingsnake looks cool as hell and a tube head for 599 , free shipping? Smack my ass and call me sally!!! the clips arent bad either

          My clips, check 'em out!!!
          More Clips!!!

          Mint, No Velcro and in Original box, Seriously priced to move. Price reflects PayPal'd and Shipped to the lower 48( Gift would be nice, have TONS of references) No reasonable offer refused

          Get it while its hot gents, it wont last at this price!!!

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            I was just going to buy a Goblin, but I already have the small tube amp covered. Hopefully, this is one amp that will last for the rest of my life. I just need to figure out how to tell the girlfriend I she's going to have to wait another 6 months for a ring because I really wanted this amp.


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              I ordered a KS head 4 weeks ago. Got the Neo 212 cab to go with it. Will post pics when I get them...
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                They have been SNAKEBIT for a while now; somehow when the hellhound was out , a rumor got started that it was the same thing as a pignose 40watt made in china. I don't know if the chassis only was sourced from china or what? Anyhow, if you look in the reviews there is a reviewer who brought up concerns about the tranny's on the kingsnake. They ( naylor) ended up putting in a response trying to explain the cost savings of putting a plastic case and a HOSE CLAMP for a housing. I'm a little ashamed to say it spooked me and I thought twice about it !

                Last month all the amps were on sale for 50 bucks less; guess it did'nt get a response. Seems like a good deal... got a great review in guitar one. I don't understand though , you've gotta wait for them to build it??? I thought they would just clear out existing stock.

                I got a traynor ycv40 locally for 500. built very well, killer warranty!!! great cleans , not thrilled with the distortions, still looking for the right stomp box!!!

                You know what, there was also a rumor about carvins catchimg fire? guess small companys are getting dragged through the mud! Carvins seem like good amps. Who do you think starts the rumors?? the big boys?????
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                  Reverend discusses the similarities with the Pignose on their website. I believe that the Pignose was also designed by Kager. Anyways, it's the whole common parts price advantage. Why spend $100 on a custom chassis when there's a common one available for $30 that suits your needs? Also, the Pignose is made in China and delivered directly to your door. The Kingsnake is made in America with both American and import parts, and thoroughly tested before shipped out. Geez, I sound like a sales rep...

                  I checked the website yesterday and the Kingsnake combo is sold out. I wonder how many amps they'll make total after they announced they're getting out of the amp business.


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                    Originally posted by flatfinger
                    ... I don't understand though , you've gotta wait for them to build it??? I thought they would just clear out existing stock.

                    I think they have parts to build the amps in stock... that's why there's still a waiting period.


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                      I wonder if there doing one of them furniture store things. "Going out of business". Then all of a sudden there back in business I bet they will make them still with a different name. I hope, they are very good amps.

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                        I'd love to get a KS too. I have Hellhound, and it's a very nice amp. I'm not selling mine!

                        I've got video clips on my site if you want to hear what a Hellhound sounds like.
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