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Why are there no reviews on Krank amps on Harmony central


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    At Gigantour a couple of the bands were using them. Only good tone that I heard was Jeff Loomis lead tone. That sounded great. Otherwise, I really was not that impressed.
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      I went with my brother recently to shop for a new amp for him. We know a local music store owner so we always go after hours to his shop so we can crank up the volume I brought my bass rig with me so we could see how they all worked with my tone. (I play an Eden Wt-800 trouhgh 2 4x10 Ampeg cabs) First up was a used Mesa single rec, the tone was good but it wasn't working well with my bass tone and my bro didn't dig the sag. Next up a Laney Vh-100, the clean was great, the drive channel sounded good and it really cut without burying the bass tone. Next a used 5150, this thing cooked with my bro's EMG loaded ESP's, real responsive a nice full response. And finally the Krank Krankenstein, the clean was OK, the drive channel just seemed thin and buzzy and had no cut over my bass. My bro was big time dissappointed as he is one of the biggest Dime freaks I know. He ended up buying hte used 5150 which will soon be on its way to jerryP for a little pick me up.
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        Would Trace or Jerry be able to mod a Krank to get rid of the bee swarm tone? And make it not suck?


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          Krank, Dunlop, Marshall, Digitech, Century Media, Guitar Center, Guitar World = Teenage marketing hype.
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            Originally posted by luker_X
            Then Why is musiciansfriend, music123 and a host of

            ebay sellers stocking them ??

            Are they a bunch of F*ing Ig-Its ~~ ?

            Dude, are you seriously taking availability for purchase as an indicator of quality?

            Go open a can of STFU.


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              [QUOTE]Originally posted by TheDarxide
              I'm curious as to how much of the krank bashing is sheep following; yes their marketing department make a bad choice, but they are heavily advertised, and i don't see why everytime someone brings them up they get a bashing....."

              Nevermore sounded great using Kranks when I went to Gigantour last weekend. From what I've read on HCAF I was expecting the worst when in fact they sounded really good. I don't play metal and tend to favor a little lower gain with more sag and bloom but for tight metal the Krank kicked ass. The leads sounded especially good.
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                Ehhhh I am not really following hype. I just wanted to hear one bc I had high hopes that it would be "that amp" for me, but yeah I thought it was horrid. I say to each his own whoever likes it buy it whoever does it dont.

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                  i know the guys from shadows fall have el34's in their revolution heads (they come with 6l6's) and told me they were 'hot-rodded' but i can't say if they had any mods other than the el34's...i know their lead guitarist (can't think of his name atm) said he really didn't like the stock one he got at first

                  they sounded great with them...i got to hear them during soundcheck and both on stage and thru FoH they sounded really good; altho it was odd, with my eyes closed i would've thought one guy had a dual recto and the other a 5150
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                    I heard Dime's Krank and it was really really bad....sounded like Dime was playing out of his neck pickup with the tone knob turned to "0". I heard Jon Donais Krank and it sounded okay...much better than Dime's tone and I believe it's the same amp. I heard Mudvayne's tone right after Shadows Fall set and it blew Shadows away. I'd go with the Randall MTS (that's what Mudvayne was using on Ozzfest) before I'd look at Krank. It's more affordable.


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                        My Revolution sounded pretty damn good stock. After a retube it sounded MUCH better. I was running into an EarCandy 2x12 with a Tonker and a Swamp Thang...I don't care for how the Krank cabs sound, myself.


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                          Originally posted by beno
                          I played a Krankenstein and managed to get farily decent tone out of it...

                          I played a KRANK Dimebag model at GC last month...

                          My ass sounded better after getting food poisoning at Taco Bell...

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