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    Originally posted by Duesentrieb

    I will keep that in mind, Gary. Chances are good that Peter and I will offer an ampkit with a similar sound hopefully before the end of this year - how cool is that?

    That my friend would be superb! I am already sure it will be a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gotta tell ya something, if it becomes a hit it can't happen to two nicer people!

    Si hoc legere scis nimium eruditionis habes
    Suicide by Overdrive

    I play high gain, head banging , Wookie music.

    I am not in a band. I am in a cultski.
    I have no gear.

    Jesus IS LORD


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      Liked vh4 best.
      Use your pinky!



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        Excelent clips!!!! I can hear the diferences and the similarities between all the DIezel models! The playing is great too!

        My clips:
        Bogner website

        Lizard Page


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          Maybe some might be still interested in this . . . . .


          • #65
            Herbert...hands down..

            fits ,,,more agressive..


            • #66
              I like the VH-4 out of those 3 clips. The Herbert sounds beefier but the VH-4 sounds a little "sweeter" in the mids.
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              • #67
                Herbert and Python for me. The Herbs mids were what did it for me...

                And Bruder, your playing FAR from sucks!!!!
                My clips, check 'em out!!!
                More Clips!!!

                Mint, No Velcro and in Original box, Seriously priced to move. Price reflects PayPal'd and Shipped to the lower 48( Gift would be nice, have TONS of references) No reasonable offer refused

                Get it while its hot gents, it wont last at this price!!!

                PigTronix Disnortion OFO-$140


                • #68
                  Know which ones I like best?

                  VH4 and Dusentrieb. Seriously.
                  Originally posted by JamesPeters

                  Oh yeah, he's [Jesus] got a great sense of humor. That's how we met. He was lurking HC and saw someone pwn you, and he emailed me. He was all "Dude, check this!" and I was all "LOL!1!!" and he was all "roXors!!!1!!!one!!"


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                    For me, with backing tracks its hard to say much nothing but they're all good. Phython sounds very similar as VH4 (I wonder how many actually can make a difference here), Herbert seems to be the biggest (also its loudest bottom) but then in a real world I just *might* like the Einstein best of them. I'm waiting my travel to Turku (Diezel importer)...even I'm more looking a new cab for my own amp there than comparing amps.


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                      Those were great Olaf!! Surprisingly, I liked the VH4 the least! It still kicked ass though!

                      Your Phyton sounds incredible!!
                      My band - Konia


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                        i thought the vh4 was the thickest, herbie was last...all sounded great though
                        if it aint broke, break it and then modify it to rock.


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                          Originally posted by rectifier
                          i thought the vh4 was the thickest, herbie was last...all sounded great though

                          I own both of them and the Herbert sounds thicker, FYI.
                          My band - Konia


                          • #73
                            i was talking about the sound clips posted not the actual amp in person..
                            if it aint broke, break it and then modify it to rock.


                            • #74
                              Thanks guys. I still can`t decide which I prefer


                              • #75
                                Originally posted by Def_Pearl_Pilot

                                Your Phyton sounds incredible!!

                                Merci Andrew.