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  • eminence speaker identification

    hi all i was wondering if someone could aid me in identifying some speakers, i bought a sovtek cabinet from guitar center a while back during their memorial day blow out sale i think it was listed as "sovtek 4x12 w/ eminence" so i thought it was a good deal at 179$ that was about half price as i had seen the cabinet there for quite some time at 300$ a few days ago i decided to open it up and check the speaker's wattage rating as i am looking to re-speaker another of my cabs. to my surprise the speakers gave no wattage rating and looked pretty cheap, well from the back anyway instead of the eminence name model number wattage and ohm ratings, as i was expecting there was a corny looking american flag decal with the word eminence written across it in a cursive font the only information i could garner off of the speaker was printed in tiny letters on the side of the magnet it said-
    EMINENCE 12-BR-8-30
    67-953401 65
    8ohm 16

    so i assume that the speakers are running at an 8 ohm impedence which is also what it states on the input jack plate anyway i was wondering if there was anyway with this information anyone could help me figure out what model of speaker these are and what wattage they are rated for!!! thanks all!!!

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    You can email or call Eminence and they can tell you. Looks like a 12" 8 ohm 30 watt speaker with a British cone to me.

    Sounds similar to a Sheffield maybe?
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