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OT: stupid Trivium video...


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  • OT: stupid Trivium video...

    I really hate this band...
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    then dont listen to them
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      Originally posted by nvcreations
      then dont listen to them

      I dont, i just had the misfortune of seeing them live last year,they sucked,big time!!
      but that video is funny!!
      WTB: Vanous Technologies Evolution guitar amp i.e. the amp in the briefcase"..


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        That's sweet... hahahah...
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          Originally posted by OwenD
          I really hate this band...

          Oh yeah...they suck for sure. For some reason I absolutely cannot stand these guys.



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            I like this band but that is friggen hilarious! I think they are only 20 years old.


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              Trivium sucks, Capharnaum's way better. Its like having just the heavy parts without all the gay in betweens.


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                Absolutely horrible.
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                Originally Posted by Dolf

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                  kinda funny

                  "think i'm starting to hurllll!!


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                    ****************ty band, and horrible live.
                    - Sean.

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                      That's funny stuff!

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                        Quite funny.

                        Just like their usual work.


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                          Bland radio friendly crap.
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                            Meh, they're kind of poopy but at least they can pull it off live.

                            They can do without all the **************************** harmonic whammy squeals though. By the time In Flames took the stage I had no ear drums.

                            In Flames = m/


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                              that stupid singer is so worried about having his guitar strap low and looking cool that he ends up having to hump his guitar to be able to play it. Look at any picture; his back is arched so he can learn over and be able to play with it slung so damn low.

                              Dip****************. Terrible screamer as well. I don't know why anyone makes any sort of deal about these guys. "WHOMG THEY'RE YOUNG!!" BFD. That's like saying I like Opeth because they're Swedish: IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MUSIC.
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                              Originally Posted by BrendanO

                              "I like the music, but hate the vocals" is the battle cry of the clinically retarded.

                              Originally Posted by Scott K

                              Going through this thread is like reading a list of gay.

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