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  • Atomic Reactor Amp For Sale

    I'm heading out this afternoon to check out some music equipment for sale from someone (assuming the gear is in the described condition). Included in these items is an Atomic Reactor with the Pod XT template and a Pod XT. I wish to sell the atomic amp/template since I have no use for it. I'm asking $375 OBO.

    I would be willing to also give up the Pod XT for $225 OBO if someone really wants it, or trade for a Bass Pod XT. The amp will be on Ebay in the next couple of days so let me know before then!

    e-mail is:

    Alright, went out and checked out the amp yesterday and bought it. sounds pretty freaking sweet. The tolex on the amp itself has some typical use marks, some little dents on the corners and on the back some long scuffs. Nothing out of the ordinary, and not even any rips. The pod has been safe in the template the whole time so it's premo.

    I'm gonna' take some time on Monday and compare the sound to my vetta II and see how it stacks up.
    I hear Prostate O's are the way to go!

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