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Marshall MF280 Vs Mesa recto


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  • Marshall MF280 Vs Mesa recto

    Has anyone been able to compare a Marshall mode 4 MF280 cabinet to a Mesa oversize recto cab? There is a great deal on a MF280 local to me. I already have a Mesa solo 50 head. Right now I am playing it through the wrong cabinet for it though, (a Marshall 1936 2x12). One peculiar thing I did notice though, is that according to the websites these cabinets should be about the same size. But at the store the Mesa cabinet is much taller. I know the Mesa caster were taller but not that much. I have been told here that the MF280 uses a version of the Vintage 30 speaker so do these cabinets sound the same????

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    there is no right or wrong cabinet...its all about what you want to hear. i use an old 80's Laney cabinet with what seems the rather unpopular Celestion G12M70 speakers, which i like a lot.

    but i hear the Mode 4 cabs arent that should try out your amp with it to see if you like it, compared to the Mesa cab. you never know, you might like the Mode 4 cab better...but id probably take the Recto cab.

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      theyre bout the same size...mesas casters are heaps bigger but hte mode fours casters are one of hte smoothest and best ive used.

      i had hte MF400A with the 100w speakers...sounded great with my TSL100 and my rig (w mxr eq in loop) IMO matched my other guitarists 5150II and Mesa oversized

      i did sound like suck when i got the Framus Cobra thou. id imagine the MF280 with V30s would be a lot better.

      its only got one input thou so make sure your amp can run it and its built very very well
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        Originally posted by lpwcruzr
        But at the store the Mesa cabinet is much taller.

        It's not "much" maybe an inch or two at most. I had my MF280 backlined with a Mesa oversized......yeah the Mesa was slightly taller.......anyway both cabs sound good.....maybe the Mesa is a tad boomier......but still kicks ass.....
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