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Eminence V12, GB12 or Governor to go with a Laney GH50L?


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  • Eminence V12, GB12 or Governor to go with a Laney GH50L?

    Sorry I keep making so many threads about speakers but as you all know I cant bloody search to see what people are using with this GH50L

    Anyway. I was almost set on getting an Eminence Governor for the bottom part of my 2x12, then I read in another thread about the V12 (and read before about the GB12), apparently its like a better, smoother V30 (great for me as the GH50L can get harsh I've found). The current bottom speaker in my cab is a PA speaker so its a bit flat sounding which I dont like, I want some tone colouration.

    The kinda tone I'd like is something like Lynch on Wicked Sensation or Lynch Mob, for playing that style of hard rock. For lower gain rock I love the tone on ACDC's Highway to Hell.

    I've been using an EQ to boost my mids a fair bit, I seem to like lots of both upper and lower mids, leaning toward upper now it seems, and I keep the 2 highest freq's low-ish on the EQ.

    Should go well with a Legend 121 which is the top speaker in my cab.

    I was trying to stay away from celestion as I've heard the quality isnt as good since they moved production to China.

    Thanks for any help
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        What are you using now with your Laney?
        I've got the same problem that V30s are a bit to bright for that amp.


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          Anybody here!?

          Well anyway, I play Hard Rock with Schechter (Duncan Design Pickups), GH50L and I have a 4x12" loaded with Governors and a 2x12" oversized with V12's. Both sound good, but different....

          V12 are a bit like V30 but a bit less scooped. Huge headroom, less compression. With GH50L the sound is very balanced, but may be a little dull!?

          Governors have the nice mid crunch and the sound seems to compress a lot. On lower volumes it has a nasty mid/high note with GH50L and I need to pull down the presence and the treble. This makes the sound a bit muddy. But in general they sound very Marshall kind... crunch, crunchy, crunch...

          I tried my Laney with Mesa Boogie 4x12" (V30) and it is a great cab but may be more suitable for heavy(metal) genre. If you use clean sounds a lot, get V12 or Governor.

          Anyway, I planning to get Eminence Wizard or Private Jack and fit them to some of my cabs...
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            I've heard the Chinese Celestion quality is every bit as good as the UK made speakers - where did you get your info?

            I'd have suggested a G12H type + a V30 type together to provide a big tight bottom end and forward mids to cut through.
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              The v12's are a fairly balanced smooth sounding speaker and work well with a lot of stuff. The governors are in my Gflex 2x12 and they sound great. Kind of like a v30 but smoother in the mids and a softer top end with a little less low end.
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                I've been using V12's with a number of my british amps for about 3-4 years now, all with good results.I can't comment on the GH50L,but those V12's pair up real nice with LC30's,and the LC50/LH50R amps.The high end is attenuated above 4.5 Khz,which kills a lot of the high end crap that you get with some high gain amps.Another good combination I stumbled on in one of HC reviews was loading a Emi V12(bottom) and M12(top) into an old 2X12 1966A cab,wired @16 ohms.They quit making M12's a few years back,but they've got another G12-80 clone now in the Red Coat series,I think it's the Red Ryder.You're on the right track looking at the newer Eminence stuff,and another cool speaker they've got out now is the Tonker,esp. in a 1X12 cab.BTW,what power rating is the 121?Is that the alnico speaker they make?