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OT: I can't get into Steve Vai

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  • OT: I can't get into Steve Vai

    I'll pose this to the amp forum: I like technical stuff, I enjoy instrumentals, and I think Satriani's great. But I can't get into Vai at all. I think he's an excellent player, I like his tone, and I'll confess to even having copped a few Vai licks. But his albums don't do it for me. I like the odd song here and there, but overall, not so much.

    I have Passion And Warfare, The Ultra Zone, and Sex And Religion. The latter was a huge letdown for me; I thought "Vai and Devin Townsend- this is gonna be off-the-wall weird, heavy and awesome!" I was wrong. It's totally the sort of '80s style hard rock that does nothing for me whatsoever.

    Now, I think he's a cool player and I'd like to actually enjoy one of his albums, but so far, it's not happening. Does he have anything that's more experimental or heavier compared to what I've heard? That's more what I'm into than the albums I have.
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    Vai's playing with Zappa (about 1979 to 1983) is awesome, and I really enjoy it. I can't abide anything else I've ever heard him do. I listened to Passion and Warfare once and after that I made a firm resolve not to listen to his solo stuff ever again.
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      The Audience is Listening is the only Vai song that ever inspired me to learn one of his riffs.

      He's retardly good though.


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        i like for the love of god and tender surrender (although the riff blah is a hendrix villanova junction ripoff), but then i youtube'd bad horsie. that is the single-handedly the most cheesy display of homoeroticism i have ever seen with a guitar. then i youtube'd tender surrender, and between hitting a couple of notes, he slicks back his hair, well, is cheesy. i can't do cheesy. that being said, he is one heluva player.

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          I absolutely love Passion and Warfare and Sex and Religion. Sex and Religion is very odd but I really dig the tunes and Terri Bozzio is a monster drummer. I guess like anything some get it and some don't and that's fine. He's always been one of my favorites all though I play nothing like him.
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            I loved Passion and Warfare but I agree with the original poster on most of his stuff...there a few "jems" on each cd...but some stuff is just too out there for me....not that it doesn't take skill and genious...i just don't like a lot of it. I do wish I had an Ibanez Jem or Universe though...I do like those overpriced axes.
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              I can only listen to so much shred before I want to fall asleep, but some of his **************** is good. good player. I want a Universe too.
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                I've just had a cheese & cracker break
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                  The Eat 'Em and Smile Disc with David Lee Roth is Vai's best work IMHO..

                  Passion and Warfare and Alcatrazz "Disturbing the Peace" are excellent as well..


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                    Now, I think he's a cool player and I'd like to actually enjoy one of his albums, but so far, it's not happening. Does he have anything that's more experimental or heavier compared to what I've heard? That's more what I'm into than the albums I have.

                    Different strokes for different folks, if you don't like it, no big deal. I prefer Vai's music by far over Satriani's, but it's just a matter of taste.
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                      Different strokes for different folks, if you don't like it, no big deal. I prefer Vai's music by far over Satriani's, but it's just a matter of taste.

                      Exactly!!! For myself, when they both Came out, I was crazy about Vai and didnt think much of Satriani and now, Satriani appeals to me more than Vai( Though I think Vai is a more accomplished all around player) Its all about Taste; its different for all of us and it is subject to change...
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                        I do consider Vai's music much more complex and interesting..Satch is good but tends to sound like boring wankery over 3 chord backing tracks for the most part...


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                          I did a thread about getting into/educated on Vai the other week. It turned out that Flexable & Flexable Leftovers were the albums that are head and shoulders above the rest for me. I really don't like Passion & Warfare at all.

                          I can say I prefer Vai to Satch now though. I can't think of any Satch that I like. I've got Alien & Blue Dream from back in the day. His last album was bad mojo to my auditory system.
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                            i like most of vai's stuff.

                            but i listen to it for the music, not for the superficialness that many guitarists seem to asign to it.
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                              He's a great guitar player, but I can't get into instrumental music AT ALL.

                              Infact, I hate it.