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Eminence LEGEND GB128 good for metal?


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  • Eminence LEGEND GB128 good for metal?

    do anyone use eminence legend gb12 speakers for metal? I do, but want to know if i would be better off with celestion vintage V30 or something.
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    I'd like to know too. I'm more into hard rock, 80's type gain, but am looking to change speakers from my Emi Tonespotters.
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      Not really a "tight" speaker. I love them, but they wouldn't be my first choice for metal. I'd say you'd be better off with a V30 for metal.

      Hmmm, looks like you might already have four GB12s? PLEASE ket me know if you decide to part with them at a decent price!
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        I'd like to know too. I'm more into hard rock, 80's type gain, but am looking to change speakers from my Emi Tonespotters.

        I played rhythm guitar in a Cult tribute band last year thru a 4x12 loaded with GB12s. Sounded great for that. Malcolm Young-type rhythms with more gain.
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          I know Webers are a like more pricy but well worth the extra cash, One of the eminence I do like is the GB but its is more for E tuned It seem ( TOO ME NOW) when I down tuned the GB seemed weak But like 70 80's rock its works great
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            I just tried a bunch of Eminence speakers and here is what I can tell you from the ones I tried. If you like the v30 than here is some options.

            Governer-sounds alot like a v30 but smoother and punchier, great tight lows.

            Cannabis Rex- smoother and much darker than the governer, same tight low end. (might not be the best for the FB because I believe it is a very dark amp to begin with)

            Tonker- Big sound, also has a tight low end, adds presence, high wattage like the legendGB, efficent, not harsh. This speaker will rip your head off. I think its a great speaker to mix with another.

            All 3 of those are good for metal, thats what I play. Others I tried from Eminence,and did not care for are SwampThang,Manowar, Wizard
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