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Tried a Roland Cube today...


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  • Tried a Roland Cube today...

    Actually it was yesterday. Honestly, I was blown away, I was expecting total SS **************** but I liked it! Really felt good. Definitely good practice amps.

    Tried a Fernandes Ravelle Dave Kushner sig with Seymour Duncans through a Cube 30 I think, not sure which model exactly..
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    I'm thinking about picking up a MicroCube for practice, my rig is a PITA to lug around
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      I use a Roland Cube, the smallest one. My favorite setting is : Classic setting, tone at 3 o clock, gain dimed, all effects off, and boosted by a Tubescreamer 808 (volume dimed, gain 0, tone 11 o'clock).

      It absolutely screams when boosted, amazing sound!!
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        I gotta cube 60 & a micro cube & totally surprised at the tone ,I love the cleans for comparing pickups,like it way better than my vox ad50,Id like to see a 2x12 in a cube 60 that would be awesome


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          Roland cube series amps are great IMO....nice amps
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            I was shocked at how good the microcube is. Made me wonder about the bigger versions for sure.
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              Those cube amps are great for what they are. Best thing for the price imo. The micro cube is cool because it can run off batteries.


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                i have the cube 15. the thing rips. they should make a cube head for about 250. id buy one