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Peavey JSX Mini Colossal review


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  • Peavey JSX Mini Colossal review

    Peavey JSX Mini Colossal review

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    Sounds like a promising practice amp. the clean sounded cool. I loved the dirty clip at the 2:23 mark. Cool clip and good clip!
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      Low end on that thing is a joke. Otherwise it sounds pretty damn good.


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        the clean is easily had....
        it does have a decent clean, i should have used my strat to do the cleans, instead of the custom axe...
        but it has more unique tones to it, so i just grabbed it...
        the dirty clip you liked, was the cream strat on the neck pickup... with a little grind on the gain of the mini...

        i've spent the afternoon chasing after better high gain tones, and it's just too flabby to get it with just the gain on the Mini.... you gotta push it with something good in front of it...
        i'm gonna tweak my barber (it has 4 trim pots inside of it, including a 'harmonics' pot, that i think will yield good results with this thing)..... and i'm going to focus on just the direct sound, and figure what i need to tweak during tracking, to get it just right.

        you know, i've tried to get chunky sounds out of small watt amps, i just can't find it.
        not on the mini Z, not on the bad cat, not on the epi, none of them.
        i can get it from my mesa, at low volume.....
        but honestly, you gotta move air to get any real chunk, and the whole point of this little doo-dad is to run it real quiet and direct.....i tried the 8" speaker at volume, it just honks.
        it sounds so much better thru my greenback and closed back cab, it's a no brainer....

        i need to record some stuff for real... get it in the mix with drums and bass.... and then see how it sits.
        lots more experimenting to do, before i decide one way or the other..

        thanks for listening and commenting!


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          Yeah I know what ya mean. I have a set of Bugera speakers I'll sell ya for $10 each plus shipping. They're uber bassy but still clear. They'll help get rid of some of that honk too, they're moderately scooped in frequency response. If you're interested, let me know.

          Or I'll sell ya the unknown 12 in my Peavey for like 15 plus shipping. That's an awesome little speaker.


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            thanks for the offer metalfan-

            well, i've got 2 greenbacks (my favorite)... a vintage 30, a carvin british series 80 watter, and a 25 watt eminence legend 122....

            and a demeter isolation cabinet, that i switch speakers out in...
            i can crank the boogie hard core thru that, and get all kinds of chunk, but i don't like the sound inside the iso cab.

            i'll probably never record using the 8" driver anyway, the weber in it is fine, it just sounds like a 8" speaker!


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              your playing is impressive. The cleans aren't bad, alittle small sounding. The high gain stuff sounds good, but small.

              it sounds small. i'm not that shocked, seeing as it's such a small amp, but it definately sound sounds good.

              i think i want a barber diect drive now.


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                Well the Bugeras are up for sale to anyone that wants subs for their HT or some **************** like that. They're BASSY... and loud... and oddly clear for a speaker that probably cost less to make than the speaker in a clock radio.


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                  yeah, sounding small, i think, can be overcome with judicious eq tweaking, certain compression, and correct placement in a 'bigger' sounding mix..

                  of course, looking at the history of zeppelin recordings, for example, page used small amps to great affect...

                  once i get a chance to record some guitars with this, on a proper recording, i'll revisit this for you guys...

                  the 8" speaker, like i said, was never a consideration for the idea of getting this amp...
                  i'll mic it eventually, just for fun...

                  but i always intended on using it with an external cab, so that part's no biggy.

                  it makes perfect sense to me, not to have included reverb on this.

                  think about it..

                  the whole idea, is to push the POWER section of this sucker....

                  where does reverb go?

                  well, AFTER the preamp, BEFORE the power..

                  so if you take a nice reverb sound, and run it through a distorted, saturated power secton, what do you get?


                  the trem, on the other hand, works wonderfully, both at clean and grunge, and is an intergral part of the sound going into the power section....

                  more like a pedal, than anything else.

                  there's no place for reverb in a 'higher gain' amp with no headroom!!!

                  it's always best for recording (what this is geared for, i believe) to add reverb after the fact, on mixdown, and concentrate on getting a great pure amp tone first.

                  i added the effects from my yamaha just to see how the fx loop would work, and it works fine, but i wont be recording any more delays or reverbs thru it!

                  thanks for checking this out.

                  i didn't do it for myself, i did it for anyone who's hunting for an amp like this.


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                    How do you like the DG stomp? I've considered getting one for special lead sounds.

                    the clean is awesome, the distortion is pretty good for an 8" speaker


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                      mini colossal sounds good to me...i got some gas comin' on !
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                        guys, as i detailed, NONE of this is recording the 8" speaker..

                        it's all a combination of direct (left side) and a seperate exteranal 12" speaker (a celestion greenback in a roland closed back cab)

                        so, if it sounds 'small', could be pre-concieved?

                        my boogie, thru the same roland cab, does sound bigger.

                        but a microphone doesn't care....
                        listen to any of the classic zep tunes, most all done with a small amp..

                        how big is the speaker in a champ?

                        i don't know, maybe the size of the transformer, the circuitry, and how satch decided to voice the overall sound of the amp, makes a difference..

                        maybe if i hadn't close miced the 12" speaker near the center of the cone, and had backed it off and put it off axis a bit, i might have sounded bigger?

                        it does seem to be voiced to fit into a mix, more than to fill out a lot of sonic territory (a dual rectifier, it is not!!)

                        either way, interesting conversation....
                        i really need to stick it in the middle of a 'real' recording...


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                          Sounds good to me for the price the thing is. I'm curious why they don't have a different size speaker option, 8, 10, 12?


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                            Sounds very good to me
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                              MY GUESS --
                              is it's simply economics....

                              if you know that you can't please everyone all the time..

                              and you're patterning a design after an old classic (the champ)

                              there's not much point in wasting cabinet space knowing that someone's probably going to attach an external speaker to it anyway...

                              besides, they have a second speaker out on the back, with three different ohm selections, AND the have the internal speaker connected with a plug that you can DISCONNECT....
                              so they've got it setup so you can use it as a practice amp, or output it to a bigger cab (it'll drive a 4x12 no problem)

                              most small watt amps like that (unless they're custom or OTHER) usually have a hardwired speaker, so you don't even have the option.

                              i'd say they thought it thru with this pretty well.

                              and i'm REALLY glad they left a crappy reverb off of it.

                              i mean, really, what would be the point of a reverb on an amp with a 8" speaker? and only 5 watts? it'd only be distorted reverb, with the gain this thing can conjure.