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EL34s in a Rectifier


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  • EL34s in a Rectifier

    Is it hard to put them in? Would I have to rebias? how will it change the tone.

    THANKS!!! STINK E!!!!!

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    There's a bias switch at the back panel.
    For the sound, it's kind of a Marshally one
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      Although I've never switched from 6l6 to El34's in the same amp, I'd imagine it would give you more mids and less highs and lows. It would most likely give you a little more of british vs. american tone. I think EL34's are great tubes. My other guitarist has a Mesa Rectoverb and he prefers EL34's to 6l6's in his...only problem is he got it modded by Voodoo and their mods are based on using 6l6 tubes.


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        You dont have to bias the Rec. It is fixed bias. Just flick the switch to EL34 when you have put them in. It is best to use the tube rectifier with those tubes too.


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          its gonna tighten it up a bit and give you more cutting mids, but i would compare the sound to a marshall or british sound

          it still sounds like a rectifier
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            its gonna tighten it up a bit and give you more cutting mids, but i wouldn't compare the sound to a marshall or british sound

            it still sounds like a rectifier

            This is my experience as well. Still sounds like a Boogie, doesn't sound like a Stiletto, sounds like a Recto with tighter lows and different mids.
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              i use el34s in a tremoverb. my opinion, it gives the gain a better character. tighter lows and better mids. the clean lacks a little though
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                With 6L6s it will sound like- May-Sah

                With EL34s it will sound like- Mezza

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                  I just put a set of Svetlana El34's in my 3ch DR. Doug is the man!!!

                  I haven't had the chance to "open" it up yet, but I concur with the other statements...I can hear more mids and less low end. I am speaking of course on Ch 2 in vintage mode. I am taking my time tweaking the eq and FWIW this EQ is so responsive, the tone actually changes when you turn the knobs

                  I have been messing around with 0 treble, Cranked Mids, 0 Presence and bass 90 from an Idea that I heard from the boogie board. I have been trying to keep my gain below 120 and I am not using the FX loop

                  I also use a addrock geranium for clean boost. Sweetsound Mojovibe and a TS9 RI for lead boosts

                  By the way I mostly play strats and I am using a Fulltone Clyde wah for tone filtering options so I can control the treble from my strat.

                  Lastly I am using my heartbreaker's 2X12 speakers which consist of a Vintage 30 and Scumback M75. I get the mid honk from the scummy and a nice warm push from the V30. I may end up using the heartbreaker preamp for clean tones only...I am not able to get a great dirty sound with it yet. Once I hooked my DR head to my 2x12's, I was in heaven. I played a gig with it last weekend and for the first time in a long time I was happy with my tone. :O

                  My tone is starting to develop
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                    With 6L6s it will sound like- May-Sah

                    With EL34s it will sound like- Mezza

                    LOL soo true


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                      right now i've got 2 E34Ls and 2 6v6s, and its the best this amp has ever sounded

                      the clean with a little dirt and intermitten compressor is awesome!


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                        I have 6CA7's in mine right now and they sound pretty good. The mids are more pronounced and the low is tighter. I think I might go back to 6L6's just because I like them better.


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                          I put EL34s in my Dual. I liked it, but I never got the thing up to a volume level where I could tell the difference.
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                            the clean lacks a little though

                            This is why I still use 6L6s in mine.
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                              I think the Rectifier sounds best with a mix of the two tubes. That was the best part about the Road King.

                              If I had to choose though, 6L6's are much better suited to the character of the amp, plus they help the cleans out.
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