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What scale was Page soloing in on "Since I've Been Loving You"?

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    phrygimixileorian.........I think

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      If you already know the five inversion of the minor pentatonic system you are nearly there to be honest, if you are not completly sure of these; I urge you to get those nailed first.

      Then you can learn the Major system and then Harmonic and Melodic if you want to.

      I mean Jimmy Page used alot of different scales through Led Zep and also his solo material.

      For Scales check this site :

      for theory and other stuff:

      This is a good site to print out any scales etc:

      Hope this helps dude.


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        hmmm.... after listenign abuot 200 times, i am fairly sure it is teh scale



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          DAMMIT BOY, who's that in your avatar?

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            I play mostly by ear. The only scale I really know is the minor pentatonic. I need to study. Is there a good reference site where I can look up these scales?

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              switch back and forth between C natural minor and F dorian (which is E Flat Maj but the positioning in Dorian may help you visualize the phrases easier.)
              and you should be able to pick out all of his licks

              that sounds about right

              i know there's a lot of odd stuff going on with the backing music (atleast on the album version) of that song that really makes some of those notes stand out in a wierd way, and adds a great intensity

              that's probably my favorite zep tune of all time
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                well when the song is in C Page is playing mostly in C natural minor,
                when the change goes to F , don't play F natural minor, it will sound "off"
                play F dorian,
                same thing when the change goes to G , play G dorian.
                Use those as your "base" scales over the chord changes and you'll see that's
                what page is doing. Now he goes in and out with pentatonics shapes in each
                change as well but if you know to stay way from the raised 5th (making it
                natural minor) ove the F and G changes you won't hit any 'off" notes.

                That's one of my favorite Zep tunes too.
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                  This may help:

                  I - Eb maj ----------------Ionian
                  II - F min-----------------Dorian
                  III -G min-----------------Phrygian
                  IV - Ab maj---------------Lydian
                  V - Bb maj/Dom------------Mixolydian
                  VI - C min (natural min)---Aeolian
                  VII - Dm7b5 /half dim-----Locrian

                  So most of the song is in Cminor/Eb major key

                  it modulates to Dmin/Fmaj if you play G Dorian

                  I - F maj -----------------Ionian
                  II - G min-----------------Dorian
                  III -A min-----------------Phrygian
                  IV - Bb maj---------------Lydian
                  V - C maj/Dom------------Mixolydian
                  VI - D min (natural min)---Aeolian
                  VII - E m7b5 /half dim-----Locrian


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                    It was C Aeolian and then he goes to C Phrygian on the 4. I love this song. Probably their best blues tune.


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                      Quadruple scale.
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